Why I love Spoken Word.

I love Spoken Word.
In fact, I love it to the point where I've actually tried to write my own stuff (still a work in progress aha). Spoken word is a type of poetry that focuses on the aesthetics of word play. In simple terms it's poetry that is created on page and becomes vocal via onstage. See what I did there? ;)

From a young age I've always loved poetry. In primary school I had a book filled with poems that I had written myself. Bearing this in mind, I was around the age of about 7 when I wrote those so right now they're not my best pieces of work. I really don't remember how I was introduced to spoken word, but all I know is that it's something that I love to listen to in my spare time. On the 5th of September 2015 (yes I researched the date), a friend of mine created an event called Unashamed at my old church. This was an event for teens to come together and spend a night with God by participating in a youth worship experience with spoken word, dance and diversified music included. I completely forgot about the whole spoken word aspect of the night as my intentions for this night was to go and support my friend at her event.

So I'm just chilling in church, feeling the vibes and enjoying myself when the next act is introduced on stage. "Everyone welcome Emmanuel Speaks to the stage" is how I'm assuming he was introduced, I actually don't remember oops. When I saw this guy walk on, I didn't realise that he was performing that night as I saw him earlier on when I first walked inside the venue (when he was sitting down with his friends). He definitely didn't give off the vibe that he was a guest act - sneaky. Anyway, when this guy spoke his words - pun intended - I couldn't believe it. I have never been so captivated by someone's sentence structure in my entire life. Once he finished his set, we all gave him a round of applause and the next thing I know the whole night is over.

So this is where it all began. As a proficient user of social media, of course I had to find out more about this guy. Who was he? Where did he come from? How did he get into spoken word? My fasciation for him grew very quickly and I truly respect him for being so open with his audience when he speaks. I say this is only because I can kind of tell that all his pieces stem from events that may or may not have taken place in his life (if not then my bad!). So a few months passed and on Emmanuel's twitter page he posted that he was performing at the Southbank Centre in London. The timing with this performance couldn't have been any better as I was heading home from Uni that day so I thought to myself, why not stop and catch the show before I arrive back home?

So the day finally came around and I was on my way to Central London accompanied by my flatmate. I kept going on about how amazing Emmanuel is and because she was travelling home also, she offered to come along with me to see his set. We got there pretty much dead on time (black people timing doesn't exist with us) and managed to find seats a few rows from the front - didn't want to seem too eager sitting dead at the front. Little side note... when I become fond of an artist, I always listen to their music on repeat until it becomes engraved in my head. Well the same happened with Emmanuel's work, I fell in love with his soundcloud page and pretty much listened to it everyday up until his performance. Even now, I still listen to his page from time to time - his Ojuelegba (Cover) Ft. Rebecca has my heart. When he walked onto the stage and began describing what he was about to perform, I already knew what it was and that made me feel happy to instantly know what he was about to perform via the description that he gave off.

It reached 7pm and his set was all over. I could see that he was speaking to members of the audience afterwards and I thought to myself why not go over and just say hello? It was a bit weird at first because I didn't want to come across as a "fan", but more of a supporter. The reason why I don't like being labelled as a fan is purely because of my old fangirl days which I don't like speaking of anymore lol. So if you know, you know and if you don't, you really don't need to know. Anyway, we said hello and had small conversation which was nice. He was so humble about all the good words people said to him and was really appreciative of who that came - that was really nice to see. It was a pleasure to be there and be apart of the audience at his first headline show.

So Emmanuel, yes I'm speaking to you directly as I know that you're reading this blog post. I just want to thank-you for introducing me to your passion. I feel like it was by chance that I was able to see you perform not knowing who you are, but I'm glad that I was there because I'm still here watching you continue grow bigger and better. Over the past year I've seen you post about all the gigs that you've been doing and if it wasn't for Uni I would have been there without a doubt (mainly the London ones, I'm a broke student ngl). Keep doing your thing. I look forward to you moving onwards and upwards as the future is very bright for you. What I'm truly looking forward to is your #RussianRouletteEP (quick plug and that). When listening to Ave Maria you already got me hooked, so the rest of the EP has got me too excited. I can't wait to hear the full track list especially because it's BeyoncĂ© based ahhhh queen! One day we'll collaborate on something, maybe I'll photograph some stuff for you who knows ;)

 Feel free to check out Emmanuel's social media accounts below, especially his Soundcloud. I recommend jumping on that for a hours (dead serious) cause that's what I did.

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"Written words can be erased, whereas spoken word cannot."


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