Am I Needy??

Last month I was having a conversation with a friend and during that said conversation I was told that I was coming across a bit "clingy". Now if you know me VERY well, you don't say these things to me! Don't worry, that exclamation mark doesn't mean I'm mad about this it's no big deal. To this person (and yes they do know who they are) if you're reading this post, I'm not sorry about blogging about you anymore haha. I'm not clingy, but the fact that I have to double text you - which isn't an issue for me - is because you know you're a slow replier and it actually grinds my gears. When I say slow, I mean it. Days go past and I haven't heard from you so I have no choice but to double text you back ;)

Anyway, I went "off topic". The question that I need to be answering is... Am I Needy? I don't think I am, but I do see some traits of neediness that I tend to show when things don't go my way. It's not my fault that I like to text - a lot oops. To be honest, I actually love having phonecalls more than texting but the people I speak to aren't always up for phonecalls, so in my case this means texting like I'm having a phonemail. Basically I'm a fast replier and I'm not sorry about it. In regards to being needy, I just like having attention when I'm texting someone. If I send you a message & I know you use your phone 24/7 don't reply like two plus hours later. This is when I feel like I have the word mug written on my forehead. I know so many people that do this to me, yet I still reply seconds later as if they replied to my texts as soon as I sent them the initial text message - how contradicting.

There's only a few people who I don't mind slow replies from. This is only because I know that they're never on their phone or they're constantly busy which is understandable. To the people that I always find posting on social media (e.g. Twitter cause you're bait) when you air my text message - you are SO annoying. Right take a breather girl before you end up making this post into a rant or is it already too late? I really want to discuss about the topic of being needy, so I need to stop getting side-tracked. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with being "needy". Of course it has it's limits, but because I have no problem with constant conversation neediness doesn't bother me. I can't help but be a person who loves communication. It makes me feel good having conversation all the time and I like feeling good because everyone deserves to feel good!

I've pretty much lost my train of thought now as I had certain things to cover about this topic damn. This is what I get for starting this post one day and then finishing it on another day. So I guess this is where it comes to an end. Is it only me who feels like this? I really don't think I'm the only one and I'm not gonna shy away talking about it. It's completely normal to think & feel like this - who agrees? 

"I don't think it's needy to crave love, attention or consistency."

This is so me. I constantly want to be talked too and I'm not ashamed of it ;)

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