10 Places I'd Like to Visit!

I didn't realise (until a few weeks ago) that I'm quite the traveller. This year I've only ventured around the UK & flying over to Spain, but 2016 isn't even over and I can happily say that I've visited the likes of Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Swindon, Colchester, Ipswich and many more locations.

Although these were just work and personal trips, it's holiday destinations that I really want to tackle lately! Creating lists is a fun hobby of mine and I thought that this would be a good way to take a look at some of my favourite locations and try and make my dreams into a reality!

1. Wellington, New Zealand.
I've always been fascinated with New Zealand and seeing what it has to offer. My Uncle & his family all live out there and it's one of my life ambitions to spend a few weeks with them. Considering that New Zealand is a 12hr difference from the UK, this means that we can't communicate as much as I'd like us too which also means that I need to get myself out there! Hopefully one day I'll fly out and experience New Zealand's food and culture!

2. Toronto, Canada.
Canada has always been a place that has caught my eye. I know that the weather over there is usually quite chilly, but then again the same can be said for the England so for me there's no difference which is a good start. There's a lot of scenic areas within Canada that I would love to explore. The views is what has swayed me to visit Canada, plus I love a Canadian's accent and apparently their maple syrup is the best to put on top of your pancakes hehe.

3. Miami, Florida.
It has always been a massive dream of mine to visit Miami! I am so in love with America and where else would I want to go on holiday when flying across the pond (apart from NYC of course). Sun, Sea & Sand - what more could I want? Life in Miami is powered by the sun. Along with this, everything within this city is all based on it's nightlife! Going out in Miami already sounds unreal, so it's a must.

4. Sydney, Australia.
Even though I've listed this as number 4, Australia is definitely my number one location that I've always wanted to travel too. It has so much culture to it and can easily house me for the rest of my life. I've considered moving there, but that's a thought for another day (gotta graduate first!). The experience itself, I can already predict will be life changing. Also, the weather is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS - state the obvious Tomi. I would love to have a summer Christmas on the beach. I'm not really a fan of snow, so opening presents with a cocktail-in-hand sounds like my kind of Christmas ;)

5. Los Angeles, California.
Do you see what I mean by I love America? LA. The home of... well, people haha. California is another dream location of mine to fly out too. Shown on multiple TV shows & films, the way that it's portrayed just makes me want to jump on a plane first thing tomorrow morning! I've always had a love for America and California is just another one of the reasons that contribute to that love. I want to visit the Hollywood sign purely because it is an iconic landmark and to be honest, it's a pretty cool sign to have a picture with if I do say so myself!

6. Orlando, Florida.
Purely chose Orlando, Florida just because of Disneyland. I am a HUGE fan of Disney and I will happily travel to Florida just to go to this theme park. The fact that there is a second theme park (Disney's California Adventure) which is pretty much opposite Disneyland makes my heart flutter. Basically the word Disney has already got me packing to go to Orlando. I am dying to go and visit there one day. I know I would have to make the most of this trip, going on every ride that they have in Disney and of course making sure I spend the rest of the holiday exploring hidden areas of Florida!

7. Cape Town, South Africa.
Cape Town is such a beautiful and underrated area of South Africa. Specifically, it's the landscapes that drew me to wanting to visit this city. I can just imagine the amount of photographs I would obtain from happily snapping away at their gorgeous mountains and seas that surround the area. Just thinking about how beautiful the surroundings are makes me so excited to turn this into the real thing! Cape Town's beaches are so active during the evening at summertime. It’s still light out, sunny and sizzling hot till 7pm, doesn't that just bring a smile to your face?!  South Africa is pretty much a Safari haha. If I ever had the opportunity to go on a Safari, I would treasure that moment dearly. It would be absolutely amazing to see the animals that they have over there up close and personal.

8. Paris, France.
I thought that I had gone to France before, but according to my mum I haven't - what a bummer. I love Paris. The Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, The Louvre, Sacré-Cœur and of course DISNEYLAND PARIS. Although there is a Disney reason to bring me to France, it's the Eiffel Tower that I want to see the most! The architecture of this tower is absolutely phenomenal and I've always wanted to stand directly under it and look up. No idea why, but it's one major thing I would love to tick off my list if I ever visit Paris. Do dreams ever come true?

9. Honolulu, Hawaii.
Hawaii has always been my dream honeymoon destination. I think this is purely because of the films I used to watch when I was younger. Hawaii is that honeymoon spot. It also happens to remind me of Lilo & Stitch - one of my favourite childhood films. 10 brownie points to those who know what Ohana means. Hawaii's weather is just perfect! Well I'm assuming it is due to the picture above aha. I feel like this location is the perfect place to gain full relaxation. It seems so peaceful with it's sky-blue oceans and it's magnificent greenery... I wouldn't want to leave as soon as the plane lands!

10. Burj al Arab, Dubai.
Dubai is one of my newest loves. Based on appearance, it looks incredible! I have seen so many pictures of Dubai online and through the fascination of images, now it's a travel destination I must adhere to. It's quite breath-taking once you begin to be captivated by it. I feel like visiting here would be like visiting a whole other world! Too much? Nah didn't think so ;)

So that's it! Hopefully one day I'll visit all these locations that I have listed above. I have no idea how I'll do it, but it has to be done at somepoint in my life! I can't wait to potentially visit all these amazing places - a girl can still dream right? Well this dream... I'm hoping to make it a reality. All my travels will be a work in progress, fingers crossed!

"Collect moments, not things."

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