A New Change!

If you know me personally, you know that for the past year and a half (I think it's been that long?), I've wanted to cut my hair a super short length. Picture a pixie haircut, that's what I wanted. Truth be told, I intended to do the Big Chop which is when you shave all your hair off and start growing your natural hair back - simple. The reason why I wanted to go through with this is because my hair is "quite" damaged (who's isn't tbh). The amount of times that I have relaxed my hair throughout my life has not only left it a weird texture, but has made it so weak that putting it in and out of weaves just wasn't doing it for me anymore!

I am SO insecure about my hair. It's not something people know about me because I actually don't mind wearing my natural hair out compared to other girls that I know. Yes, I know I have a massive forehead and I was teased about this in school, but now I'm 20 and grown - this stuff doesn't bother me anymore. Those people who teased me were just insecure about themselves. I actually take no notice to the size of it anymore, so I don't mind it being on display haha. My hair isn't in the best of conditions, so doing this will not only be really good for me but it'll be helping my hair out. That sounded normal to me in my head. I'm hoping for this to become a confidence-boosting experience considering that having short hair isn't easy to rock.

By this point (after the snaps) there was no going back. It happened. I sat down in the chair and that's when I knew that it was all real and I was finally cutting most of my hair off! 10 seconds into sitting down on the chair, my family group chat received the following message:

I love the response that I got back... #FamilyLove♡

After coming to terms with the hair that was on my head falling to the floor, it was so weird to think that I wasn't fazed by this at all. Like I genuinely thought I'd be a bit scared when she made the first cut, but I smiled when she continued snipping away. A huge relief overcame me and that pretty much reassured me that I was going to love this new look. I am so happy to say that doing this was an amazing idea! I didn't think I would a) love the style that she did, but b) receive such positive feedback from my family and friends!

All in all, I'm happy. My hair's healthy and I have a new look that I now need to find new ways to style! What do you guys think? Does it suit me? :)

"He liked her with long hair so she cut it short."


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