BCA Super Classic!

Back at it again with another cheer post! 

I'm just going to some up this competition quite briefly as I actually don't really need to go into depth with it, but alas I might be lying and end up writing paragraphs and paragraphs worth of words... hehe oops? ;)

Usually I post a picture of me getting ready on here, but as you can clearly see above I was all ready to head out the door and catch the coach to Newcastle. Yup that's right you read that correctly! This competition was based in Newcastle at the Metro Radio Arena - how exciting! I'm laughing back at this photo as this was me looking oh so happy at 7:15am haha. I know I can't believe it either!

Our journey to Newcastle took 6 hours as we set out at 8am and arrived at 1:45pm due to heavy traffic. A total of 5 hours and 45mins of my life was spent sitting down on a coach. Still worth it though as I've always wanted to go to Newcastle even if I wasn't competing. We had one hour to get ready and get to our seats before we headed to our warm-up at 2:45pm!

Slaying Pyramid once again!
I love when we hit our pyramid!
Competing in Newcastle was amazing and as always the routine goes by so quickly that the next thing I remember was heading out of the arena to see my best bud Lau! (aka Laura). Definitely enjoyed that cheeky Nando's with her and JJ. Still wondering who was 3rd wheelin' that day hehe ;)

Once I headed back to the arena of course it was picture time! You guys know I love a good scale so clearly me and President Pettitt had to take one together considering it's her last year with the Sirens! This is when I found out that I can actually pull my my scorpion (the stretch in the second picture). Pretty much surprised myself when I looked back at my phone after moaning about my back pains whilst doing that stretch haha.

Now before our awards took place, all of us girls were ready to go home. This is purely because we had been in Newcastle since 2pm and performed after 3pm, but unfortunately our awards were scheduled in for 9pm - bit dumb right? So by the time awards started (which was at like 9:45pm might I add) we were in no mood to wait as we had to be on the coach by 10:30pm & to leave Newcastle. What also didn't help was that our division was going to be one of the last groups called out - grrrr. Luckily, we have a boss-ass coach who managed to get our awards moved straight after the smaller divisions due to our circumstances.

Yeah none of us were prepared for this and we still didn't have time to let this sink in as we legged it straight to the coach to begin our journey back to Uni. I love how we all played pass-the-trophy on the coach as everybody wanted to take a picture with it haha! We arrived back on campus at  2:30am and I was fast asleep by 4am. Job well done! :)

So that's it, cheerleading is over for the year!
I have had THE BEST time with these fellow ladies over the past 8/9 months. Wishing the seniors who are leaving us this year good luck in life after graduation & to the rookies that joined us this year it's been amazing sharing this experience with you all! Can't wait to see you guys again next season!

"I'm a cheerleader and you're not ;)"



  1. congratulations on winning. I'm also from Hertfordshire haha!


    1. Thanks Hun! Oh wow what a coincidence haha? :) x