A letter to myself.

Dear Tomi,
I want you to read back on this and hope that what I say now somehow works out well in your life. Everything happens for a reason. You clearly know this as you live by this motto and swear by it. I don't know where I'm going with this post but you know me, you just type words and whatever comes out, comes out. The last few months have proven to be very interesting. I don't need to specify exactly what's happened, but just know that you have handled everything that has been thrown at you extremely well. I am so proud of you and this is purely just because you know when to react to certain things and when to just turn the other cheek. You are so driven when it comes to accomplishing things e.g. work/jobs. I know how much it pains you to travel back and forth from Uni and home, but in the long run, we both know that it will beneficial at the end.

Well done in completing your second year of your degree. I don't think I have congratulated you on this because with our mindset once one thing is complete, we're already on to the next thing and I know you like to keep busy but please make the most out of your days off. Trust me on this one and thank me later. I'm just going to swiftly move onto the topic of friendships - stop stressing out. People come and go and it's normal for that to happen. Stop blaming yourself and thinking that you're the cause of your friendship crumbling down because what you need to remember is that it takes two to tango. You are an independent woman and we've always agreed that a circle of 5-10 friends is better than a squad of 100.

Time for the last, but not least important segment of this "letter". Keep doing what you do. Simple right? Well, I know you so well (durr) but I know that you tend to think that one mistake will trigger a whole load of mistakes. Let me just reassure you - this sort of thing doesn't happen (well not as much as you think it does). Life is full of mistakes and even you know that a mistake can lead to something great ergo be implicating your motto of everything happens for a reason. Chin up girl, you're doing great and sometimes you need to be told that... by yourself haha? Keep at it, keep it going and do it all for YOU. You come first and it should always be like that. As much as you like to do right by others and put them first, sorry girl but in order to be fully happy in life, you have to make sure that you're happy with your own person first. Keep smiling, it does help :)

"I am just a girl, yet I am as happy as I choose to be."


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