Struggling to Adult?*

I love the title of this blog post as this is something that I would actually say to friends of mine haha!

As you guys know that I'm about to venture into my 3rd and final year of Uni this September, this means that by this time next year I'm officially classed as an "Adult". Usually once you graduate, you're expected to jump straight into work and begin your 9-5 routine for the rest of your life. I still don't know if I'm exactly ready for this next step, so what I plan to do now is to start a new routine in my 3rd year just before I get thrown into the real world - scary stuff. So now it's time for me to share with you my 'Adult Struggles' that I've encountered since being in Uni and how I've overcome them.

As simple as this is, once you actually begin to try and live an adult life you tend to get a little bit overwhelmed. This is when breathing comes into place haha. Take. It. Slow. Don't try and accomplish big things straight away. Start small and the rest will follow. I know as teens we don't like taking things slowly because in our nature doing things quickly is the best way. Well as an adult, it's really not. Slow and steady makes things ten times easier than trying to get an hour job done in 10 minutes. Trust me, you'll thank me in the long run.

This is a key thing that we tend to forget. Fortunate for me, I don't get ill/sick very often. It's probably like once a year that I will be bed-ridden all day, but others (unlike myself) can get ill so easily. Make sure you know where your local walk-in clinic is (that's if you have one nearby). If not register at the doctors! It helps when you feel like you're "dying". This also relates to what you put in your body. Just because you live away from home doesn't mean you should eat-out everyday. You can still eat junk foods, just limit yourself to how much you consume each week. Eating clean and also working out will definitely benefit your body in the future.

3. FIND A JOB (if possible).
Finding a job whilst studying is actually much easier than you think. In Uni, there are so many jobs that are on offer within the campus grounds. The only issue is committing to this and of course your studies. Education does come first, but if you're able to get a job whilst studying I highly recommend it as student loans will not cover everything you need. It's so useful to have extra money coming in so you don't find yourself stuck for money when needing some. Plus, it's fun to actually splurge your cash on clothes without feeling bad about damaging your bank account ;)

You NEED to learn how to manage your money when living alone. I've always learnt how to manage my money from a young age as it is very easy to slip up when you get to further education due to being parentless. Whilst having a job in a college, because I had no financial responsibilities I was able to save a lot of money. You can read how I did this in my Money Struggles blogpost! Now that I'm at Uni, I keep a sheet of all my finances which helps me add up how much money I spend each week. This then helps me locate things that I actually don't need to pay for when I can find alternative option instead e.g. walking to the train station instead of calling for a taxi.
A lot of friends of mine have overdrafts, which thankfully I never applied for because it is possible to live at Uni with your own money and not rely on your bank funding your splurges. If you do really struggle with money, there's companies such as Credit Card Insider who are aware of how expensive student finances can be. Finally, someone who understand our issues! They're an educational site which allows students such as myself to use them as a resource for when we're stuck about what to do when having very little money. What they have to offer is really something to check out :)

As you guys know that organisation is probably like my number one love in life, well trust me at Uni it is a god-send to be organised! Just because you're a student doesn't mean you should continue to be lazy and have no motive to do anything. This will be your first and biggest mistake when moving away from home. If you've got an assignment due in tomorrow, yet it's student night at Uni... please pick wisely! I've spoken about Being Organised before, so there's no point repeating myself. If you tend to keep yourself busy, like myself, having a massive year planner really does help. I bought one off of eBay for around £2 last year and it's benefited me so much! I know how easy it is to sleep in and become quite lazy, but it honestly won't get you anywhere. Structure will be your best friend I promise you!

I'm definitely not a specialist on how to adult as I still have a lot to learn. I don't work a full 9-5 shift, pay bills or any of that important stuff but, when I do I know that I'll be ready for it when it comes. Take the time to invest in yourself and your future because you'll never know when it's coming (does that make sense?). I always thought that I'd become a full-fledged adult when I finish Uni but the truth is you have the adult capabilities in you when you live away from home for the first time. Anyways, enough talk Tomi I think I've got my point across. Hopefully these tips were useful and at least someone will take them on into their adult life!

"Being an Adult is mostly just googling how to do stuff!"

*In collaboration with Credit Card Insider.
100% written by myself, all thoughts and opinions are my own :)

Promising Wishlist ft. Topshop & New Look.

Here I go putting together another Wishlist in the hopes that I might be able to actually treat myself at the end of this month to a couple of these items listed below! I LOVED putting this together. It genuinely was so much fun to do as it gave me an excuse to browse online for clothes - winning! Worked out very well for myself ;)

Anyway, on with the Wishlist. Enjoy! 

- New Look -
1. Petite Black Mesh Panel Leggings - £14.99.
2. Green Rose Print Frill Trim Crop Top - £17.99
3. Petite Blue Sleeveless Denim Shirt Dress - £24.99.
4. Petite Black Textured Pom Pom Trim Shorts - £14.99.
5. Grey Premium Suede Chunky Cleated Chelsea Boots - £59.99.

- Topshop -
6. Petite Wrap Flippy Dress - £24.00.
7. Camo Print Hoodie - £35.00.
8. Ariel Pyjama Set - £22.00.

Which ones are your favourite items from this post? Let me know! :)

"Shop with a purpose darling."

A letter to myself.

Dear Tomi,
I want you to read back on this and hope that what I say now somehow works out well in your life. Everything happens for a reason. You clearly know this as you live by this motto and swear by it. I don't know where I'm going with this post but you know me, you just type words and whatever comes out, comes out. The last few months have proven to be very interesting. I don't need to specify exactly what's happened, but just know that you have handled everything that has been thrown at you extremely well. I am so proud of you and this is purely just because you know when to react to certain things and when to just turn the other cheek. You are so driven when it comes to accomplishing things e.g. work/jobs. I know how much it pains you to travel back and forth from Uni and home, but in the long run, we both know that it will beneficial at the end.

Well done in completing your second year of your degree. I don't think I have congratulated you on this because with our mindset once one thing is complete, we're already on to the next thing and I know you like to keep busy but please make the most out of your days off. Trust me on this one and thank me later. I'm just going to swiftly move onto the topic of friendships - stop stressing out. People come and go and it's normal for that to happen. Stop blaming yourself and thinking that you're the cause of your friendship crumbling down because what you need to remember is that it takes two to tango. You are an independent woman and we've always agreed that a circle of 5-10 friends is better than a squad of 100.

Time for the last, but not least important segment of this "letter". Keep doing what you do. Simple right? Well, I know you so well (durr) but I know that you tend to think that one mistake will trigger a whole load of mistakes. Let me just reassure you - this sort of thing doesn't happen (well not as much as you think it does). Life is full of mistakes and even you know that a mistake can lead to something great ergo be implicating your motto of everything happens for a reason. Chin up girl, you're doing great and sometimes you need to be told that... by yourself haha? Keep at it, keep it going and do it all for YOU. You come first and it should always be like that. As much as you like to do right by others and put them first, sorry girl but in order to be fully happy in life, you have to make sure that you're happy with your own person first. Keep smiling, it does help :)

"I am just a girl, yet I am as happy as I choose to be."


BCA Super Classic!

Back at it again with another cheer post! 

I'm just going to some up this competition quite briefly as I actually don't really need to go into depth with it, but alas I might be lying and end up writing paragraphs and paragraphs worth of words... hehe oops? ;)

Usually I post a picture of me getting ready on here, but as you can clearly see above I was all ready to head out the door and catch the coach to Newcastle. Yup that's right you read that correctly! This competition was based in Newcastle at the Metro Radio Arena - how exciting! I'm laughing back at this photo as this was me looking oh so happy at 7:15am haha. I know I can't believe it either!

Our journey to Newcastle took 6 hours as we set out at 8am and arrived at 1:45pm due to heavy traffic. A total of 5 hours and 45mins of my life was spent sitting down on a coach. Still worth it though as I've always wanted to go to Newcastle even if I wasn't competing. We had one hour to get ready and get to our seats before we headed to our warm-up at 2:45pm!

Slaying Pyramid once again!
I love when we hit our pyramid!
Competing in Newcastle was amazing and as always the routine goes by so quickly that the next thing I remember was heading out of the arena to see my best bud Lau! (aka Laura). Definitely enjoyed that cheeky Nando's with her and JJ. Still wondering who was 3rd wheelin' that day hehe ;)

Once I headed back to the arena of course it was picture time! You guys know I love a good scale so clearly me and President Pettitt had to take one together considering it's her last year with the Sirens! This is when I found out that I can actually pull my my scorpion (the stretch in the second picture). Pretty much surprised myself when I looked back at my phone after moaning about my back pains whilst doing that stretch haha.

Now before our awards took place, all of us girls were ready to go home. This is purely because we had been in Newcastle since 2pm and performed after 3pm, but unfortunately our awards were scheduled in for 9pm - bit dumb right? So by the time awards started (which was at like 9:45pm might I add) we were in no mood to wait as we had to be on the coach by 10:30pm & to leave Newcastle. What also didn't help was that our division was going to be one of the last groups called out - grrrr. Luckily, we have a boss-ass coach who managed to get our awards moved straight after the smaller divisions due to our circumstances.

Yeah none of us were prepared for this and we still didn't have time to let this sink in as we legged it straight to the coach to begin our journey back to Uni. I love how we all played pass-the-trophy on the coach as everybody wanted to take a picture with it haha! We arrived back on campus at  2:30am and I was fast asleep by 4am. Job well done! :)

So that's it, cheerleading is over for the year!
I have had THE BEST time with these fellow ladies over the past 8/9 months. Wishing the seniors who are leaving us this year good luck in life after graduation & to the rookies that joined us this year it's been amazing sharing this experience with you all! Can't wait to see you guys again next season!

"I'm a cheerleader and you're not ;)"


We Made It, Full Circle!


Now to be honest with you all, I really didn't think that I would have come this far. I thought that blogging would take a major backseat once I started my 2nd year of Uni and I truly thought that I would just give it up. Well boy was I wrong?!

I seriously can't believe that it has been a year already. I'm so shocked as to how quickly it has come around, but I am so proud of myself for keeping up with this little hobby. This blog has given me the courage to share a lot of my personal life with the world. I've had some very successful outcomes in regards to some of my posts and even got the chance to do a collaboration with a very popular brand!

The opportunities that blogger has given me, I will be forever thankful for. It's not easy keeping up with this as if you've followed me from the very start, I had to stop blogging for a while due to my real life catching up with me. That sucked but I came back and better with my content that I shared with you all.

A toast to another year of blogging!

I can't wait to see what else is planned for me in the future! Whilst I'm typing this now, I just want to let you guys know that in July I will be on a month break due to my work placement so of course no blogs will be out that entire month, but as you know me so well now that when I'm on a break for so long the ideas just keep coming to me! :)

"A year ago, I would have never pictured my life to be the way it is now."

Psssssssst! A new layout will be coming soon!
I am so happy about getting my blog designed for me as it's all I've wanted for the past month now :)