Who's Slaying on Insta?

(May Edition).

Wow I'm actually quite proud of myself that I am writing another edition of my Instagram favourites! Skipped out April because Uni took over, but here we are in May and why not continue seeing who has been standing out on my newsfeed this month!

This Month's Favourites;
- SkinnyDip London -

If you know me quite well then you know that SkinnyDip is one of my favourite stores to shop at. Currently I only own two things from this store [a Nope Purse & a Babe Magnet Make-Up Bag]. I love these items so much and the same goes for their Instagram page. I pretty much have liked everything that has been posted on there and I plan to build up my collection once more money rolls in! The next item I have my eyes on is their Glitter Unicorn Backpack - I will own you soon!

- Freddy Cousin Brown -

So I've spoken about Freddy already on my blog, but I couldn't leave her out of this edition of my Instagram favourites. It's all in her layout that draws me to her page. Like look how pretty this is guys?! I would start my Instagram page again just to have a layout as pretty as hers but then again the variations of my posts are so topsy turvy compared to how Freddy posts her images. As a photographer this is so pleasing to look at *heart eyes*.

- Nakita Johnson -

Nakita is quite new to my Instagram feed as this purely because I watch her videos on YouTube with her boyfriend Terroll more than browsing on her Instagram page. I love her page, it's very real. There's no specific way that she posts her images/videos. She just uploads just like I do and I really love that she does that. By doing this, she shows her story and displays to her audience that everything she uploads happened right there and then instead of strategically uploading like many Instagram users do. No shade I promise!

- Terroll Lewis -

Usually I never look out for men's Instagram pages, but I can't help but like majority of Terroll's pictures. As he does YouTube with his girlfriend Nakita, I thought that I shouldn't be biased and give his social media pages a follow. I actually really enjoy what he uploads. He puts up snippets of his life and I love finding out what he does day-to-day via snapchat also. I'm not a fitness fanatic but seeing his passion for the gym and working out whilst also helping out others is really wonderful to watch and I'm very intrigued to see the progression of his work in the future.

Thanks for reading guys! Hopefully there will be a June edition to this series that I've got going on. Any recommendations as to who I should look out for on Insta? Please feel free to share them all with me!
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