Ivy Park Wishlist!

This is a bit different to what I usually post, but as it's in relation to Beyoncé I just had to create my own Ivy Park Wishlist!

What is Ivy Park?
Ivy Park is the new activewear label co-founded by Beyoncé. Whether its sweat-wicking, double-faced leggings for your first 10k, a baseball body suit for your next night out or a hexagon print parka for shopping in town - Ivy Park looks cool whether you’re on or off the sporting field. Ivy Park is changing the game in sportswear. Mixing high performance technical styles with fashion-led casual wear, it’s a brand inspiring us to stay strong, healthy and happy – no matter what your sporting ability or body shape.

I thought that I would put together a small wishlist of Queen B's Ivy Park clothing line and hope that when more money comes in my bank account I can actually treat myself (yet again) to all of these items. On with the wishlist! Note to all, I hope that this doesn't make you want to spend all of your money as I am a tad obsessed with her clothing line.

1. Oversized Logo Hoodie - £32.00.
2. Sleeveless Logo Body - £30.00.
3. Logo Crew Neck Tee - £16.00.
4. Armhole Tank - £15.00.
(^the Armhole Tank also comes in black which is so tempting me to buy them both as I have a VERY BAD habit of buying the same item in multiple colours).

I hope that this gave you all a bit of inspiration as to what items you could wear for the not-so summer that we're bound to have this year. If you're a Beyoncé fan like me, I hope that these can be items you end up treating yourself too :)

"Fashion is art and you are the canvas."

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