Summer Plans: No More FOMO, Start GOMO!*

So I bet you're thinking...
What on earth does FOMO & GOMO mean?

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out.
GOMO = Going Out More Often.

I can easily say that I suffer from the fear of missing out on activities in the summer so much and trust me it's not fun dealing with that. Therefore, this summer I plan to keep as busy as possible. During this summer, I am to improve my tumbling skills by hopefully purchasing a tumbling mat, building up my flexibility for cheerleading, working / attending some festivals this year and of course going back to work for NCS yay!

Summer is all about having fun. I've only just begun to enjoy my summer since last year - how bad is that? Before Uni, I used to work whilst I was at college and before that when I was in secondary school, summer holidays went so fast that before I knew it I was already back in education. Summer 2016 for me is all about doing as much as I can as I don't want to waste a single day doing nothing. Of course I won't be busy everyday, but at least 3 or 4 days of the week I need to be doing something! I’m also planning to watch some shows in the West End as I love a good musical, catch up with friends who I don’t see all the time, day trips out to numerous locations and many more things that I can reveal once they have been planned ;)

As I mentioned before, I want to improve my tumbling skills in the summer. This is probably my number one goal this year as it will really improve my chances to continue cheerleading for the 2016/2017 season at Uni. This is something that I've wanted to work on for so long, so purchasing a tumble mat better help me achieve either my handspring, backward walkover or forward walkover! I'm actually too excited for summer to come around as I just want to start keeping busy and as it says in the title going out more often! I have so much more free time now that Uni is over, so I need to grab life by the reigns and get moving because September isn't that far away and as I'm going into my 3rd year of my degree (this is the serious year) I need to have my outlet of fun before putting my head back in the books *cries*

If you have no plans in the summer, why not think about planning your own event?! Planning for it is one thing, but getting people to attend is another. Eventbrite is an online platform that does exactly that! This website helps you support a local event creation in your area and ticket sales to your own event. They also support a variety of other features, including discounted options for non-profits. Check out their services for Event Management and see how easy it is to get started on creating your own event! I wish I had the time to put up my own event, but who knows, one day I could begin putting together a blogger event just like a friend of mine does #FuturePlans♡.

I hope everyone's Summer is as jam-packed as I hope mine will be! What are everyone's plans for the summer? Feel free to let me know on any of my Social Media networks!

"Every Summer has it's own story."

*In collaboration with Eventbrite's blogpost GOMO Is The New FOMO.
100% written by myself, all thoughts and opinions are my own :)

Do we owe the World anything?

What do we owe the World?

I don't think we owe the world a lot of things. I say this because we are all Independent Individuals. Examples of this can be that the majority of us aren't nice to strangers because they haven't done anything to help us in any way, shape or form. I wish I had the statistics to prove this but then again my views shouldn't be based on numbers that have been generated by other people. We are free to do whatever we want to do in life. We're told to use our strengths to help out others if we choose too, but we aren't obligated to do this. What I'm trying to get at is to speak about why this theory makes a lot of sense to me and to show all the people who reads my blogposts why it's useful to live by this.

I personally choose to help out people when all means necessary. I don't do it everyday, but it is a frequent as it can be. This can easily be done by just listening to what someone has to say or giving up time out of my day to help out a friend. These are all things that I choose to do and I do this to not expect things in return. I don't owe the world my time or my generosity as it's my choice to give that out. We have no preset obligations in life which means that we are free to do anything that we want to do.

'Man / Woman are condemned to be free'.

Although, majority of us have been taught to think otherwise. Parents, Friends, Family and many more influences have taught us that we have to have some sort of duty towards other people. We're "supposed" to help others, fix their problems, stop them from difficult situations and generally just be pleasant to all that we encounter with. Why are we told to do this? There is no logical reason as to why, but we are all taught that it is the right thing to do. Sure, helping out others can implement their lives and can also benefit us in the long run, but this doesn't mean that we are obligated to follow what we are told.

I tend to over help people sometimes and this ends up with me becoming a People Pleaser. I don't want that for anybody as you start to sacrifice your own needs for others. This won't happen to everyone, but it happened to me and sometimes you have to just sit back and put yourself first which I have found quite difficult lately if I'm honest. Again, this is not to say that helping others doesn’t make practical sense sometimes, because you will get help in return when needed.

So let's go back to the main question that I asked at the beginning:

"What do we owe the World?"
Absolutely nothing.

Nothing forces us to give back to people, it's up to your person to decide that. There are no written laws about giving back to what was given to you in the first place. Of course giving back is a wonderful and amazing thing to do but we are not entitled to do this (unless it's like contracted I guess). We are free to choose our own path in life and whether it means giving back and "owing the world" then so be it, but if not then you're not a bad person either.

This post hasn't been 'heavily' researched as I thought it would be easier to write from the heart as usual and just jot down what my initial thoughts were to this question. Hopefully I haven't offended anyone!

"We don't owe the world anything as it was here first."

Disclaimer: This is something completely different to what I would usually write on my blog, but a good friend of mine (love you James!) suggested this topic to me and asked for my opinion about this & here it is :)

Appreciation Post: Digital Drawing!

I decided to create this post as it is what it says in the title, it's an Appreciation Post.

A good friend of mine Helen created this digital drawing illustration on top of one of my photographs and I am absolutely in LOVE with it. I felt like I needed to thank her once again for taking the time out of her day to do this. This design is gorgeous and I felt like it just had to be shared on my blog!

Thanks again Helen :)

"Art makes anything awesome."

Who's Slaying on Insta?

(May Edition).

Wow I'm actually quite proud of myself that I am writing another edition of my Instagram favourites! Skipped out April because Uni took over, but here we are in May and why not continue seeing who has been standing out on my newsfeed this month!

This Month's Favourites;
- SkinnyDip London -

If you know me quite well then you know that SkinnyDip is one of my favourite stores to shop at. Currently I only own two things from this store [a Nope Purse & a Babe Magnet Make-Up Bag]. I love these items so much and the same goes for their Instagram page. I pretty much have liked everything that has been posted on there and I plan to build up my collection once more money rolls in! The next item I have my eyes on is their Glitter Unicorn Backpack - I will own you soon!

- Freddy Cousin Brown -

So I've spoken about Freddy already on my blog, but I couldn't leave her out of this edition of my Instagram favourites. It's all in her layout that draws me to her page. Like look how pretty this is guys?! I would start my Instagram page again just to have a layout as pretty as hers but then again the variations of my posts are so topsy turvy compared to how Freddy posts her images. As a photographer this is so pleasing to look at *heart eyes*.

- Nakita Johnson -

Nakita is quite new to my Instagram feed as this purely because I watch her videos on YouTube with her boyfriend Terroll more than browsing on her Instagram page. I love her page, it's very real. There's no specific way that she posts her images/videos. She just uploads just like I do and I really love that she does that. By doing this, she shows her story and displays to her audience that everything she uploads happened right there and then instead of strategically uploading like many Instagram users do. No shade I promise!

- Terroll Lewis -

Usually I never look out for men's Instagram pages, but I can't help but like majority of Terroll's pictures. As he does YouTube with his girlfriend Nakita, I thought that I shouldn't be biased and give his social media pages a follow. I actually really enjoy what he uploads. He puts up snippets of his life and I love finding out what he does day-to-day via snapchat also. I'm not a fitness fanatic but seeing his passion for the gym and working out whilst also helping out others is really wonderful to watch and I'm very intrigued to see the progression of his work in the future.

Thanks for reading guys! Hopefully there will be a June edition to this series that I've got going on. Any recommendations as to who I should look out for on Insta? Please feel free to share them all with me!
"A camera is a save button for the minds eye."

Thoughts on the new icon? I preferred the old one!


Motivational Tips!

As it's exam season for the majority of all students (except me hehe 100% coursework is the best) I thought why not supply my readers with a motivational blogpost!

Here are 8 simple tips that should help you out with your coursework / exam preparation!

1. Have one Goal.
This is easier said than done, but it really helps. I cannot stress how useful it is to have one goal towards your work as it actually makes so much sense once you really think about it. Why would you jump from coursework to writing an essay to exam revision when in reality if you say to yourself "I'm going to solely focus just on this essay today" I guarantee that you will be done in the timeframe that you have set for yourself.

2. Find Inspiration.
Now I know finding inspiration is hard but honestly once you find it, your workload will become 10x easier. I tend to find inspiration in my brother as his work ethics are through the roof. This then pushes me to match him and produce a high level of work and it also makes me feel good knowing that I've put in so much effort towards my work. Everyone is different, don't forget that. Don't think that inspiration is only found in family members because the real answer to that question is that it can be found anywhere - you just need to look for it.

3. Get Excited about it!
Now I know that some of you reading this may think "Who gets excited about doing coursework / exams??". Don't worry I thought the same thing until I actually gave it a go. It feels weird to become excited about your work, but I try to get excited about finishing it and seeing the final outcome. Once my work is done that excitement overruns my brain as I never have to think about that specific piece of work again haha ;)

4. Commit, Commit, COMMIT.
I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. If you don't commit to your work, it will never be done - simple. I know too many people who start their work and then 10 mins later they've put it aside for the day. This isn't ideal because when you begin starting it again, your train of thought has completely changed to what you started with and now you pretty much have no idea as to what you're doing. To counteract this, just take breaks but always go back to your work within a decent amount of time. You'll be finished with it much quicker than expected.

5. Take breaks, but don't take liberties with them.
Following on with what I just said above - take breaks but don't overdo it. It is always good to get away from your computer / laptop, but this doesn't mean your work session is over as you do need to go back and carry on. To the people that can work constantly for 3/4hours+ well done to you. Unlike me, I need to step away from my laptop and take a breather as this allows me to regenerate new ideas that I can then implement into my work.

6. Don't jump back onto Social Media.
This is a tricky one as I always seem to jump onto Snapchat / Twitter whilst doing my coursework and then I'm on it for ages as I get so carried away with it. It's a bad habit to break but it is doable. The best thing to do is to sign out of your accounts as it does work, it's just a matter of having that commitment to not cave back in and mess about with the geofilters on snapchat when really you have an essay / revision to do hehe ;)

7. Think about the Positive Outcome for when your work is complete!
I always think about the positives in whatever I do so putting this concept into my work allows me to think about what I will get out from finishing my work on time or earlier than the deadline date. It's good to think like this as you're able to make any amends to your work if needed. It also gives you time to have fun, I love finishing my work early as I'm able to relax and know that it is ready to hand in, instead of panicking that it won't be finished on time.

8. Last but not least, don't worry about it all.
I know this one is a bit contradicting but wait till I actually explain why.
Exams and coursework aren't the end of the world. Of course in this current time they determine your overall outcome of the year that you're in, but they don't determine where you'll go in life. That's your choice. I know many people that didn't do so well in their exams but they're in an amazing place now. So it just goes to show that whatever the outcome may be, your life is still in your hands and not someone else's.

Good luck to all that are sitting their exams in the next few weeks. You can do it! :)

"You only fail when you stop trying."

Ivy Park Wishlist!

This is a bit different to what I usually post, but as it's in relation to Beyoncé I just had to create my own Ivy Park Wishlist!

What is Ivy Park?
Ivy Park is the new activewear label co-founded by BeyoncĂ©. Whether its sweat-wicking, double-faced leggings for your first 10k, a baseball body suit for your next night out or a hexagon print parka for shopping in town - Ivy Park looks cool whether you’re on or off the sporting field. Ivy Park is changing the game in sportswear. Mixing high performance technical styles with fashion-led casual wear, it’s a brand inspiring us to stay strong, healthy and happy – no matter what your sporting ability or body shape.

I thought that I would put together a small wishlist of Queen B's Ivy Park clothing line and hope that when more money comes in my bank account I can actually treat myself (yet again) to all of these items. On with the wishlist! Note to all, I hope that this doesn't make you want to spend all of your money as I am a tad obsessed with her clothing line.

1. Oversized Logo Hoodie - £32.00.
2. Sleeveless Logo Body - £30.00.
3. Logo Crew Neck Tee - £16.00.
4. Armhole Tank - £15.00.
(^the Armhole Tank also comes in black which is so tempting me to buy them both as I have a VERY BAD habit of buying the same item in multiple colours).

I hope that this gave you all a bit of inspiration as to what items you could wear for the not-so summer that we're bound to have this year. If you're a Beyoncé fan like me, I hope that these can be items you end up treating yourself too :)

"Fashion is art and you are the canvas."