Is Social Media that Social?

Yes or No?

What is it about social media that somehow makes it social? I mean we're not physically having conversations with people on a 1-2-1 basis but no one cares about that as the main aim is to converse with someone.

I saw this statement on a project that was based in my University and I just knew that this would be a great topic for me to talk about. I've spoken about Social Media before but not in this context. No one tends to explain why we use it apart from the standardized reasons. Is it only me that benefits from face to face contact instead of tweeting someone back on Twitter? I mean don't get me wrong guys Facebook / Snapchat / Instagram are so useful to have, but for me it's not the same as having an actual conversation with someone in real life. It unfortunately doesn't have the same impact on me.

You have to also think about the people who solely rely on social media to actually use it to purely communicate with others. I've known a few people with Social Anxiety and could only message me online whereas when I wanted to talk to in person that was such a scary thing for me to suggest them to do. Fair enough, I understand this type of anxiety but I can't get to know a person 100% by seeing them on Snapchat - it's really not the same. This stems to the subject of Online Romances.

I am a MASSIVE fan of the TV show Catfish (shoutout to Nev & Max!) and purely because of this show is why I never tend to understand how people can "fall in love" online after never meeting, seeing or even hearing their partner at all?? It baffles me to think that these things happen day-to-day all over the world. I guess love is a very powerful thing and it tends to blind a lot of people or let's say distract them from finding out if their love is actually real.

In my eyes, I don't think Social Media should be the only way you should communicate with someone. I'm all for dating apps and using Facebook / Twitter for making friends, but change the game ask to video chat, ask for their number there is so much you can do! Move off from the social media website and actually make this person a REAL contact of yours. This then begins to further your relationship and you'll then lose the stigma of saying "oh I met them online" to "oh yeah we originally met online, but we've gone out together and etc.."

It really does help in the long run, trust me! I'm speaking from experience after meeting friends through Twitter I had to make sure that everything was authentic before I continued our friendship. Be safe online guys, but don't forget to be social off-line in the real world haha ;)

"What happens on Social Media, stays on Google forever."

I am still here! (Apologises).

As some of you may have noticed that I haven't put up any blog posts for almost a month now - errr Tomi what's going on girl? Don't think that this happened because I had nothing to write, I don't think that could ever happen to me hehe. The real reason as to why I have been on a bit of a break is purely because of Uni. I'm in my last semester of my 2nd year which means it's exam season and all my assignment deadlines are due to be handed in.

Well if you've guessed by now...

I'm finally done! I've finished my second year of University and as my course has no exams, I am as free as a bird which only means one thing - back to blogging I go. I already have some posts waiting to be completed so I'm happy to be going back into this prepared and not rushing to get my blogs out like I used to do. I'm also thinking to change my schedule and blog once a week just to make things a bit easier for me, but then again I always love a challenge. I'm so excited for the summer considering it's coming to the end of April and as I don't go back to Uni till the end of September so I've got a lot of blogs to post! I hope I don't disappoint :)

"Paint the sky & make it yours. Be free."