Who's Slaying on Insta?

So this is something new that I wanted to try out on my blog.


As I use this social media platform SO much, I tend to obsess over certain accounts forever wishing that I could put up the same content that they do. Don't get me wrong, I love my instagram feed but, if I was like any of these people mentioned below, I'd be feeling myself 24/7.

This Month's Favourites;
- Tammy Hembrow -

I can't.

How can she slay her pregnancy, have a 11/10 looking fiancé & a beautiful baby boy - not to mention another one on the way! I have been a little bit obsessed with her account lately just purely on the aesthetics of her page. This just means that I find her page mega pretty to look at. Her baby boy Wolf is ADORABLE, thus making me super excited to have children one day. She's killin' the Instagram game and I hope it excels over 200% when baby number two arrives.

- Kylie Jenner -

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King Kylie.
Is there anything else that I need to say about this account? Everyone knows who Kylie is, do I seriously need to explain her killer Instagram skills? In fact, no I'm not going to say anything at all. Just follow her and see for yourself!

- Charlotte Crosby -

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Yay Charlotte :)
As a fond watcher of Geordie Shore, I finally decided to give Charlotte a follow like over a year ago and I'm glad that I decided to do that hehe. Her body transformation is one major key to look out for as it is INSANE as to how she adapted such a healthy mindset & lifestyle to achieve the goals that she wanted. I love her personality. She's a bit kooky, but it works out in her favour luckily. Charlotte's crazy and yet I still continue to watch her life blossom into whatever she plans it to be.

- RSJ Photography -

Considering I study Photography, I just had to include this Instagram page in this blog post as it's so pretty. A good friend of mine Rhiannon takes the most GORGEOUS photographs. I love outdoor photography and her work is simply stunning. It's nice to see stuff like this on my instafeed instead of A-list Celebrities or pictures of my friends on a night out. Sometimes I like to switch it up. This is what Instagram should be used for! It's a platform for you to showcase your work and unfortunately for me, I don't put my photographs up and sometimes I think that I should start too do this - hmm.

- Topshop -

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Last but not least, my favourite shop EVER. Through this Instagram page is how I lose all my money. Every time a new picture is posted, I'm already on their website scrolling through their petite section trying to find my newest obsession. I can't help but look online as I can't always afford to buy, but when I have money - I SHOP HARD. Dear Topshop, continue to do your thing. You're hella expensive but I still love you.

p.s. I need new Joni Jeans asap.

Was this a cute post or what? It's something different that I wanted to try out and considering that I'm really making a go of my blog, it's good to branch out and try new things. I hope ya'll liked it :)

"It's not about the amount of followers or the amount of likes. Simply just post what you want."

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