My "Extensions" Journey.

Right it's about time that people take the time to understand how my hair 'works'. As of lately, us girls (referring to black girls) are now more open to the fact that we are wearing weaves and in some cases wigs.

What is a Weave?
"It is a hairstyle created by weaving pieces of real or artificial hair into a person's existing hair, typically in order to increase its length or thickness."


This is probably the WORST picture that I could find of my natural hair as it's really old and it currently doesn't look like this, but unfortunately it was the only image that shows most of my hair from the side. THIS IS MY REAL HAIR. I cannot stress this enough. It grows out of my head and it has been there ever since I was born. Not all black girls are born with really such short hair that we have to always wear a weave, but I choose to wear it as it helps my hair grow quick and plus it means I can have long, curly, wavy, straight or short hair whenever I want too!

Long & Curly:

You can clearly see that I had this style for my school prom. I chose to go down the curly route as it was a style that I've never tried before and why not trial it out for prom? It had a tinge of red in it and I felt like this was my time to go wild and 'go all out' with my hair. Looking back at this style now, it's cute but I just don't like how it frames my face. It's a bit too much hair in my opinion and I feel like I'm drowning in it. #StillCuteTho.

Shoulder Length:

Now this is where I switched up my style. I went short (well what I thought was short!). I wish I could go back and have this re-done again because this hair was WONDERFUL. No shedding and it was washable. In regards to washing weave, you don't have to do at all it unless you have human hair. I bet people are gonna read this and be like huh? Human hair? She never washes it? Ew gross! Honestly, if you're interested in all that stuff, google it. It'll be way easier than me explaining it all. I loved this look and once I went short, I knew that it suited my face better than any other style tbh. 

Long & Straight:

Okay, so there's me thinking that I wanted to keep my hair short but instead I decided to get like 18 inches and act like princess jasmine for a few months. In all honestly, I loved this length but boy was it a hassle to maintain. Wrapping it up for bed, making sure it was straightened and trying to keep the overall look of it being flawless. I'd easily give this look a 5/5 but like a -2/5 for how much effort you have to put in it. However, I'm thinking of going back long again after Easter so I might wanna bite my tongue for now.

Long & Wavy:

This was just an experiment with braids but I wanted see what I would look like with wavy-ish hair and here was the result. I really, really liked it! Although it never felt the nicest, but that didn't stop me plating it everyday for a week until I missed the sleekness of it being super straight. This is definitely something that I can see myself trialing out again in the future.

 Long Bob:

Ahhhh here's where it began with the bob. Instead of my usual (long or mid-length hair) I decided to go down a different route and opt for a long bob. Now when I say that I love this, I mean I LOVED THIS. You can just tell by the picture that I was feeling myself and plus it was a new look that I was able to rock which made me so happy. I enjoyed this style too much because it was so simple to keep tidy plus I rarely straightened it so it made my morning 10x easier than when my locks were longer!

Short Bob:

Lastly, the bob. So following on from my previous style, I plucked up the courage to go even shorter! I've repeated this line one to many times, but I am telling you that I loved it. Waking up and brushing my hair was all I had to do. I rarely styled it as it just needed a quick neatening up in the morning which would last all day. I can't begin to say how much I miss this style, but I feel like I need to rock long hair one last time before I go even shorter than this as that's my next goal.

So that's it! There's the journey of my hair revealed to all. I never used to be someone that focused on my hair to this extent, but as I got older it became one thing that I truly had 100% control of. It does give me extra confidence when I have it put in & I always feel like this is how I'm supposed to look everyday. I do wear my natural hair out from time to time, but once that weave is put back in.. just watch out ;)

"Life's too short to have boring hair."


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