Legacy Dream Extreme!

So it's looking like all my cheerleading competition blog posts are getting smaller & smaller each time I release one hmmm why is this I wonder? Once again I had no plans to write this one considering that I didn't want to keep documenting them all but then again, I thought that it would be nice to read back on how my experiences of cheerleading went for future references.

So I started the day with a high cheer spirit. I love competing! Even though my nerves tend to kick in at the warm up station, I still love the adrenaline of the entire day. As we were driving down to Birmingham in the morning, I had to get ready at home which was quite fun but lonely as dressing up with your cheer sisters is probably one part of competition day that I love the most. That & taking pictures obvs ;)

Off we went, on the roads back to Birmingham once again! A Tesco pit stop was a must do and plus when do you ever see 9 cheerleaders wondering around shopping together? Tbh we needed this stop considering that we had just under a 2-hour drive till we reached the comp floor!

Back to the selfies once again. Always gotta capture every moment of the day. You don't sleep on the job! Plus, I'm really feeling my eyebrows in this picture so I just had to let you all know that they were looking oh so fleeky.

What do I even have to say about these two pictures because they pretty much speak for themselves. Sometimes things are best left unsaid :)

Killed it once again! Pulled it out of the bag with a 2nd Place title WITH ZERO DEDUCTIONS. This means that we didn't get penalised throughout our entire routine. In simple terms, they couldn't take away any points due to our flawless performance. We just missed 1st Place by a few points, but we were so buzzed with our placing anyway that it didn't matter to us. Now we've pretty much got one more competition left based in Newcastle (oi oi) if we don't end up participating in our summer comps.

BCA Super Classic watch out. We're coming and we're looking to win!

"You'll only understand it when you fall in love with it."

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