Eating Clean!

This is one thing that I love to enjoy and take time with. Throughout the last 3-4 weeks, I decided to take the plunge and begin 'Meal Prepping' which meant changing my food intake my food for the week. This meant that I had too batch-cook my food on Monday's and attempt to make 5-7 meals that would last the entire week. Why I did I choose to do this? It's purely because I would spend so much money paying for oven food and cooking basic meals such as Spaghetti Bolognese & Pasta Bakes which were just doing nothing for my body. When I found out that meal prepping cost THE EXACT SAME PRICE as my old shopping list, this then prompted me to change my food choices.

My Meal Prep consisted of the following:

- Steamed Babycorn & Broccoli.
- Lightly Seasoned Chicken.

These were the most common food choices that I had found online and my flatmate (who was doing this also at the time) suggested that this was the best to not only cook, but to eat aswell! Before I started to do this, I had to clear out all my old food products. This meant that I had to eat it all (like any normal person would do). Well you're wrong. I pretty much gave away a lot of my food purely because I was sick of eating the same things over and over again.

I was so happy when Monday morning arrived as this meant that my eating habits would change and eventually it would make me feel happier with my body. Once I got to the shops, I'd completely forgotten that I had to buy food for breakfast & lunch. Only me eh? I ended up settling on Brown Bread & Poached Eggs for breakfast and Pineapples & Grapes for lunch. You would think that those items wouldn't fill me up but best believe that they did!

Overall, I give this way of eating a 10/10. Not only is it affordable for students, but it makes you feel good and you always have your food prepared so it means no more cooking everyday which made my evenings so much easier! So far I've done it for a solid 3 weeks, but due to me being home for Easter it has taken a bit of a backseat. Don't worry though, once I get back to Uni it all begins again and I'm excited to see how long it shall last!

"It's not a short-term diet. It's a long-term lifestyle change."



  1. I'm impressed! I should definitely try this out sometime x

    1. It's really tasty I highly recommend it! x