Bloggers & Blogs!

So this is something that I have been wanting to do for a while. I feel like I always start most of my blog with that same opening sentence, but I mean I've really wanted to write a "review" type of blog post for some time now. I guess it's time to begin. I thought that by putting it in categories would make it easier for you all to read :)

Fashion & Beauty:
. - Chloe Hannah Little -
I've already spoken about Chloe's blog before, but little does she know that I view it at least like 10+ times a week to watch her progress with it. I'm always interested to see what she has to post on it and it's a pleasure of mine to support her blog as she does the same for mine. I love her blog purely because I know her so well and she displays her personality through her posts. Didn't tell her that I was featuring her in a post so surprise Chlo hehe ;)

- Freddy Cousin Brown -
With Freddy, I found out about her through a mutual friend and discovered that she had a blog which made me very happy. I'm not a girl that is really into make-up & beauty, but the way she describes the products that she displays on her blog makes me want to look into buying them. I never do as i have no idea what I'm doing, but her creative writing skills are on point. The one part of her blog that I can relate to is her Fashion posts. We have similar tastes in fashion which is useful as it allows me to see where she gets her inspiration from.

- Little Ellie Mae -
Boy have I been following Ellie's blog for ages! If only I could show you how it first started out, to how it looks now! I love Ellie's blog and everything that she puts on it. I actually look up to it so much and I wanna say I inspire to be like her, which I do but we blog about such different things that ideally I can only take what she does and implement it to my blog without copying her style. I'm proud of how well her blog has flourished and I can't wait to see what her future holds.

- Jayde Allen -
With Jayde's blog, I thought putting it under the lifestyle category would suit her content as it's similar to mine as I've branded myself a "lifestyle" blogger. I really love reading Jayde's blog and I don't think she knows that as I haven't mentioned it to her, but I've read every single post that she has publicised. I really like Jayde's style of writing as it's really personal and genuinely her blog is like listening to her talk about her life like she's standing right next to you. Her stories shared on her blog are so raw that it really makes her stand out from the crowd and I applaud her for being so honest with the world.

- By Krissy -
Krissy's blog is fairly new, but alas this hasn't stopped her from creating amazing content. I can't even begin to talk about her blog layout. It is GORGEOUS. The white & gold is so nice and then the content of her page just works so well with her overall design. I really love what she posts. Short & sweet posts are still impacting and Krissy has this way of captivating the audience within a paragraph or two. I wish I was able to do that, but I'm never one to cut down my words as I just continue to talk and talk and talk... you get the gist haha.

- Ailera Stone -
I love her Photography so much oh my. In fact, I loved it so much that I ended up including her within my coursework on my Uni Blog - Photographer Inspiration: Ailera Stone *shameless self-promo*. Her work is phenomenal and considering that Portraiture Photography is my forte, it's so easy to gain inspiration from her images. Her work is flawless in my eyes and I honestly can't fault it. I don't intend to anyway. I only started following her blog like a few weeks ago, so I'm very curious to see what photoshoots she does next! I know I'm supposed to be talking about her blog content, but her photographs are on her blog so I am talking about the right thing ;)

I think that this segment worked out well and hopefully it can be monthly thing, who knows? Let me know if you liked this on any of my social medias! You can also comment on this post... I tend to reply to all!

"I think, therefore I Blog."


  1. Aw thank you so much for this Tomi! Means so much. I read all of your posts too and absolutely love them! 😘 xx

    1. you're welcome hun.. it was a pleasure! awww thankyou so much means a lot ❤️ xxx