Eating Clean!

This is one thing that I love to enjoy and take time with. Throughout the last 3-4 weeks, I decided to take the plunge and begin 'Meal Prepping' which meant changing my food intake my food for the week. This meant that I had too batch-cook my food on Monday's and attempt to make 5-7 meals that would last the entire week. Why I did I choose to do this? It's purely because I would spend so much money paying for oven food and cooking basic meals such as Spaghetti Bolognese & Pasta Bakes which were just doing nothing for my body. When I found out that meal prepping cost THE EXACT SAME PRICE as my old shopping list, this then prompted me to change my food choices.

My Meal Prep consisted of the following:

- Steamed Babycorn & Broccoli.
- Lightly Seasoned Chicken.

These were the most common food choices that I had found online and my flatmate (who was doing this also at the time) suggested that this was the best to not only cook, but to eat aswell! Before I started to do this, I had to clear out all my old food products. This meant that I had to eat it all (like any normal person would do). Well you're wrong. I pretty much gave away a lot of my food purely because I was sick of eating the same things over and over again.

I was so happy when Monday morning arrived as this meant that my eating habits would change and eventually it would make me feel happier with my body. Once I got to the shops, I'd completely forgotten that I had to buy food for breakfast & lunch. Only me eh? I ended up settling on Brown Bread & Poached Eggs for breakfast and Pineapples & Grapes for lunch. You would think that those items wouldn't fill me up but best believe that they did!

Overall, I give this way of eating a 10/10. Not only is it affordable for students, but it makes you feel good and you always have your food prepared so it means no more cooking everyday which made my evenings so much easier! So far I've done it for a solid 3 weeks, but due to me being home for Easter it has taken a bit of a backseat. Don't worry though, once I get back to Uni it all begins again and I'm excited to see how long it shall last!

"It's not a short-term diet. It's a long-term lifestyle change."


Legacy Dream Extreme!

So it's looking like all my cheerleading competition blog posts are getting smaller & smaller each time I release one hmmm why is this I wonder? Once again I had no plans to write this one considering that I didn't want to keep documenting them all but then again, I thought that it would be nice to read back on how my experiences of cheerleading went for future references.

So I started the day with a high cheer spirit. I love competing! Even though my nerves tend to kick in at the warm up station, I still love the adrenaline of the entire day. As we were driving down to Birmingham in the morning, I had to get ready at home which was quite fun but lonely as dressing up with your cheer sisters is probably one part of competition day that I love the most. That & taking pictures obvs ;)

Off we went, on the roads back to Birmingham once again! A Tesco pit stop was a must do and plus when do you ever see 9 cheerleaders wondering around shopping together? Tbh we needed this stop considering that we had just under a 2-hour drive till we reached the comp floor!

Back to the selfies once again. Always gotta capture every moment of the day. You don't sleep on the job! Plus, I'm really feeling my eyebrows in this picture so I just had to let you all know that they were looking oh so fleeky.

What do I even have to say about these two pictures because they pretty much speak for themselves. Sometimes things are best left unsaid :)

Killed it once again! Pulled it out of the bag with a 2nd Place title WITH ZERO DEDUCTIONS. This means that we didn't get penalised throughout our entire routine. In simple terms, they couldn't take away any points due to our flawless performance. We just missed 1st Place by a few points, but we were so buzzed with our placing anyway that it didn't matter to us. Now we've pretty much got one more competition left based in Newcastle (oi oi) if we don't end up participating in our summer comps.

BCA Super Classic watch out. We're coming and we're looking to win!

"You'll only understand it when you fall in love with it."

Lil' Tips: Being Organised.

When I had this blog post planned, I'm not sure if I had anything in mind to say and now I'm quite lost for words (shocker). As a minor OCD person, being organised is what I love to do. In regards to work, personal life, social life or anything else - without a doubt, I'm always going to be organised about something. If you know me, I love a good list so why not share some organisation tips with you guys?

1. Colour Coding will be your best friend. I use this purely for my clothes as it makes it so much easier to put outfits together. Plus, if I'm looking for a blue skirt or a red top, it's pretty easy to find out exactly where it is. Bonus it makes the inside of your wardrobe look very pretty if you're that obsessed with visual aesthetics.

2. One thing at a time. I tend to not follow this rule as much as I should but when I do I get work done 10x quicker than when I jump from project to project. This is aimed more towards education or work environments, but I do guarantee that it is very effective when you finish one task completely before starting the next one.

3. Clearing out Storage comes in handy when the time is right. This can be done physically such as in your own home / personal space & online e.g. your laptop / phone. Personally, I despise having more than 200 pictures on my phone and I don't know why but an empty-ish photo album makes me so much happier than one with 1000+ pictures. I'm not saying to delete all your pictures all the time, but using a hard drive like I do saves you so much space for new pictures and memories instead :)

4. Everything has its own place, it doesn't just live on that chair. Everyone I know has that one chair where you just throw anything on it and hope that it doesn't pile up with junk when realistically it always does. I do it too, so I can't count myself out of this but it is SO EASY to pick up your clothes and either put it in the laundry or put them away. You'll thank me later when you have a chair to sit down and do your work on.

5. Weekly Organisers are super useful when used correctly! I use a year planner / diary to keep up to date with my week and to see if I've used the time in my days correctly. I find these to be really effective considering that I know what I'm doing with my week and this keeps me aware of my plans so nothing clashes with each other.

6. Keep Changing your lifestyle. Don't stick to the same routine 24/7 365 days a year. Switch it up by doing something different. I can't tell you what to do as we're not the same person who lives the exact same lifestyle. What I'm trying to say is that change is good and it can benefit you in many ways then one.

"Waking up with Determination = Going to bed with Satisfaction."

I'm the phone user on the right, what are you? ;)


My "Extensions" Journey.

Right it's about time that people take the time to understand how my hair 'works'. As of lately, us girls (referring to black girls) are now more open to the fact that we are wearing weaves and in some cases wigs.

What is a Weave?
"It is a hairstyle created by weaving pieces of real or artificial hair into a person's existing hair, typically in order to increase its length or thickness."


This is probably the WORST picture that I could find of my natural hair as it's really old and it currently doesn't look like this, but unfortunately it was the only image that shows most of my hair from the side. THIS IS MY REAL HAIR. I cannot stress this enough. It grows out of my head and it has been there ever since I was born. Not all black girls are born with really such short hair that we have to always wear a weave, but I choose to wear it as it helps my hair grow quick and plus it means I can have long, curly, wavy, straight or short hair whenever I want too!

Long & Curly:

You can clearly see that I had this style for my school prom. I chose to go down the curly route as it was a style that I've never tried before and why not trial it out for prom? It had a tinge of red in it and I felt like this was my time to go wild and 'go all out' with my hair. Looking back at this style now, it's cute but I just don't like how it frames my face. It's a bit too much hair in my opinion and I feel like I'm drowning in it. #StillCuteTho.

Shoulder Length:

Now this is where I switched up my style. I went short (well what I thought was short!). I wish I could go back and have this re-done again because this hair was WONDERFUL. No shedding and it was washable. In regards to washing weave, you don't have to do at all it unless you have human hair. I bet people are gonna read this and be like huh? Human hair? She never washes it? Ew gross! Honestly, if you're interested in all that stuff, google it. It'll be way easier than me explaining it all. I loved this look and once I went short, I knew that it suited my face better than any other style tbh. 

Long & Straight:

Okay, so there's me thinking that I wanted to keep my hair short but instead I decided to get like 18 inches and act like princess jasmine for a few months. In all honestly, I loved this length but boy was it a hassle to maintain. Wrapping it up for bed, making sure it was straightened and trying to keep the overall look of it being flawless. I'd easily give this look a 5/5 but like a -2/5 for how much effort you have to put in it. However, I'm thinking of going back long again after Easter so I might wanna bite my tongue for now.

Long & Wavy:

This was just an experiment with braids but I wanted see what I would look like with wavy-ish hair and here was the result. I really, really liked it! Although it never felt the nicest, but that didn't stop me plating it everyday for a week until I missed the sleekness of it being super straight. This is definitely something that I can see myself trialing out again in the future.

 Long Bob:

Ahhhh here's where it began with the bob. Instead of my usual (long or mid-length hair) I decided to go down a different route and opt for a long bob. Now when I say that I love this, I mean I LOVED THIS. You can just tell by the picture that I was feeling myself and plus it was a new look that I was able to rock which made me so happy. I enjoyed this style too much because it was so simple to keep tidy plus I rarely straightened it so it made my morning 10x easier than when my locks were longer!

Short Bob:

Lastly, the bob. So following on from my previous style, I plucked up the courage to go even shorter! I've repeated this line one to many times, but I am telling you that I loved it. Waking up and brushing my hair was all I had to do. I rarely styled it as it just needed a quick neatening up in the morning which would last all day. I can't begin to say how much I miss this style, but I feel like I need to rock long hair one last time before I go even shorter than this as that's my next goal.

So that's it! There's the journey of my hair revealed to all. I never used to be someone that focused on my hair to this extent, but as I got older it became one thing that I truly had 100% control of. It does give me extra confidence when I have it put in & I always feel like this is how I'm supposed to look everyday. I do wear my natural hair out from time to time, but once that weave is put back in.. just watch out ;)

"Life's too short to have boring hair."


Why I don't talk about my Religion.

So I don't know if this will be a short post or a long post but I've wanted to talk about this for a VERY LONG time and it's taken some courage to finally write about it, but here it is!

I am a Christian.

Most of my friends know this but people who find me on social media wouldn't know this about me due to not voicing it out to the public. It's not that I am ashamed of this or anything, but I don't see the need to be so "in your face" with my religion. Please understand that I am not saying that all Christians are so in your face with our faith, but there are a few out there that just are a bit OTT. Occasionally on Twitter I'll post a few tweets here and there about praise and worship at church or a verse of the day but that's only because I'm in the moment of wanting to showcase my religion. Sometimes I do wish that I was very open with it, but then again being closed off and only sharing my views with selected people makes me value being a Christian so much. I really don't know how to word this so I'm just going to type as if I'm talking directly to one of my friends about this.

"Being a Christian doesn't mean that I need to be so upfront and out there with my faith. Sometimes you can just be with God in your own private time. I don't see myself as a bad Christian for doing this because it's nice that I can have this part of my life private and just for my eyes only. It makes my connection with God just a bit more special to me and opens my eyes more about my faith. Compared to when I was younger, I never truly understood being a Christian. I just went to church and went home, never really taking in the word that was shared in my home church. Now that I've gotten older and I've had certain things affect my life, something just clicked and now I just get it. That feeling that I get every Sunday or whilst praying is really intimate to me. Overall I like being a Christian who isn't a 'preacher' but when the time is necessary I'll talk to you about my thoughts and feelings about my faith when the time is needed."

Think I'm going to leave it there as my 'little' statement has said pretty much everything I wanted to say. This is really something that was a bit out of my comfort zone but I'm so happy that I put it out here for everyone to read. I mean my blog isn't called Just a Thought for nothing hehe. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Have a good week all!

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me - Philippians 4:13."


Bloggers & Blogs!

So this is something that I have been wanting to do for a while. I feel like I always start most of my blog with that same opening sentence, but I mean I've really wanted to write a "review" type of blog post for some time now. I guess it's time to begin. I thought that by putting it in categories would make it easier for you all to read :)

Fashion & Beauty:
. - Chloe Hannah Little -
I've already spoken about Chloe's blog before, but little does she know that I view it at least like 10+ times a week to watch her progress with it. I'm always interested to see what she has to post on it and it's a pleasure of mine to support her blog as she does the same for mine. I love her blog purely because I know her so well and she displays her personality through her posts. Didn't tell her that I was featuring her in a post so surprise Chlo hehe ;)

- Freddy Cousin Brown -
With Freddy, I found out about her through a mutual friend and discovered that she had a blog which made me very happy. I'm not a girl that is really into make-up & beauty, but the way she describes the products that she displays on her blog makes me want to look into buying them. I never do as i have no idea what I'm doing, but her creative writing skills are on point. The one part of her blog that I can relate to is her Fashion posts. We have similar tastes in fashion which is useful as it allows me to see where she gets her inspiration from.

- Little Ellie Mae -
Boy have I been following Ellie's blog for ages! If only I could show you how it first started out, to how it looks now! I love Ellie's blog and everything that she puts on it. I actually look up to it so much and I wanna say I inspire to be like her, which I do but we blog about such different things that ideally I can only take what she does and implement it to my blog without copying her style. I'm proud of how well her blog has flourished and I can't wait to see what her future holds.

- Jayde Allen -
With Jayde's blog, I thought putting it under the lifestyle category would suit her content as it's similar to mine as I've branded myself a "lifestyle" blogger. I really love reading Jayde's blog and I don't think she knows that as I haven't mentioned it to her, but I've read every single post that she has publicised. I really like Jayde's style of writing as it's really personal and genuinely her blog is like listening to her talk about her life like she's standing right next to you. Her stories shared on her blog are so raw that it really makes her stand out from the crowd and I applaud her for being so honest with the world.

- By Krissy -
Krissy's blog is fairly new, but alas this hasn't stopped her from creating amazing content. I can't even begin to talk about her blog layout. It is GORGEOUS. The white & gold is so nice and then the content of her page just works so well with her overall design. I really love what she posts. Short & sweet posts are still impacting and Krissy has this way of captivating the audience within a paragraph or two. I wish I was able to do that, but I'm never one to cut down my words as I just continue to talk and talk and talk... you get the gist haha.

- Ailera Stone -
I love her Photography so much oh my. In fact, I loved it so much that I ended up including her within my coursework on my Uni Blog - Photographer Inspiration: Ailera Stone *shameless self-promo*. Her work is phenomenal and considering that Portraiture Photography is my forte, it's so easy to gain inspiration from her images. Her work is flawless in my eyes and I honestly can't fault it. I don't intend to anyway. I only started following her blog like a few weeks ago, so I'm very curious to see what photoshoots she does next! I know I'm supposed to be talking about her blog content, but her photographs are on her blog so I am talking about the right thing ;)

I think that this segment worked out well and hopefully it can be monthly thing, who knows? Let me know if you liked this on any of my social medias! You can also comment on this post... I tend to reply to all!

"I think, therefore I Blog."

Legacy Just Believe!

Okay so this post won't be as long as the last one, but as I enjoyed writing about our first cheerleading completion of the season I thought to myself why not write about the second one.

Pre-Perfomace Picture!
Just had to get that quick snap before we head off to warm up! Considering that we competed last week, I wasn't as nervous to compete at this comp. It was a weird feeling to have, but I felt positive that everything would work out and that it would go smoothly.

Our gorgeous Pyramid :)
I have been waiting so long for a pretty picture of us doing our pyramid section and finally here it is. Everything hit in the routine apart from two stunts, but still we killed it just like last week. Awards were literally round the corner so luckily we didn't have to wait long to find out where we placed in our division.

 and I cried.

I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT (she says writing this almost a week after).
All of us processed the result simultaneously and there was such a high rush of excitement when our team name got called out for first place. Still in shock to this moment, but the feeling of this will forever stay with me. Onwards & upwards from here!

 Had to get a picture with the Trophy for social media obvs ;)

Legacy Cheer UK, you guys are 100%.
See you in Birmingham for Dream Extreme!

"Cheer from Bow to Toe!"


Who's Slaying on Insta?

So this is something new that I wanted to try out on my blog.


As I use this social media platform SO much, I tend to obsess over certain accounts forever wishing that I could put up the same content that they do. Don't get me wrong, I love my instagram feed but, if I was like any of these people mentioned below, I'd be feeling myself 24/7.

This Month's Favourites;
- Tammy Hembrow -

I can't.

How can she slay her pregnancy, have a 11/10 looking fiancé & a beautiful baby boy - not to mention another one on the way! I have been a little bit obsessed with her account lately just purely on the aesthetics of her page. This just means that I find her page mega pretty to look at. Her baby boy Wolf is ADORABLE, thus making me super excited to have children one day. She's killin' the Instagram game and I hope it excels over 200% when baby number two arrives.

- Kylie Jenner -

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

King Kylie.
Is there anything else that I need to say about this account? Everyone knows who Kylie is, do I seriously need to explain her killer Instagram skills? In fact, no I'm not going to say anything at all. Just follow her and see for yourself!

- Charlotte Crosby -

A photo posted by @charlottegshore on

Yay Charlotte :)
As a fond watcher of Geordie Shore, I finally decided to give Charlotte a follow like over a year ago and I'm glad that I decided to do that hehe. Her body transformation is one major key to look out for as it is INSANE as to how she adapted such a healthy mindset & lifestyle to achieve the goals that she wanted. I love her personality. She's a bit kooky, but it works out in her favour luckily. Charlotte's crazy and yet I still continue to watch her life blossom into whatever she plans it to be.

- RSJ Photography -

Considering I study Photography, I just had to include this Instagram page in this blog post as it's so pretty. A good friend of mine Rhiannon takes the most GORGEOUS photographs. I love outdoor photography and her work is simply stunning. It's nice to see stuff like this on my instafeed instead of A-list Celebrities or pictures of my friends on a night out. Sometimes I like to switch it up. This is what Instagram should be used for! It's a platform for you to showcase your work and unfortunately for me, I don't put my photographs up and sometimes I think that I should start too do this - hmm.

- Topshop -

A photo posted by Topshop (@topshop) on

Last but not least, my favourite shop EVER. Through this Instagram page is how I lose all my money. Every time a new picture is posted, I'm already on their website scrolling through their petite section trying to find my newest obsession. I can't help but look online as I can't always afford to buy, but when I have money - I SHOP HARD. Dear Topshop, continue to do your thing. You're hella expensive but I still love you.

p.s. I need new Joni Jeans asap.

Was this a cute post or what? It's something different that I wanted to try out and considering that I'm really making a go of my blog, it's good to branch out and try new things. I hope ya'll liked it :)

"It's not about the amount of followers or the amount of likes. Simply just post what you want."