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'SkinnyDip is a London based fashion accessory brand bringing you a range of creative iPhone cases, Bags and headphones.'

I am in LOVE with this store.

Usually I'm never one to write reviews about products, but I have been scoping out this website for a VERY long time and I finally purchased an item of theirs after trying to narrow it down from 10 choices. I ended up selecting the Nope Purse as I thought that this specific word could stop influencing me from online shopping - so far it's failing but it still looks cute so I'm happy regardless.

Front of Purse with SkinnyDip Business Card.

Here is what the front looks like although I've covered it with their business card - told you I haven't done this before - but you can pretty much imagine how it looks if it wasn't there. The size of the purse is much bigger than I expected it to be! If interested in the specifics it's L: 21cm, H: 11cm & D: 2.5cm. I love that it is quite big as it makes me feel like I have a lot of things inside when in reality I have like 3 important cards and some loose change.

Pink Fluffy Detachable Pom.
Gold 'Skinny Dip' Zip.

The main thing about this purse that made me want to buy it was the gold embellishments and of course this pink, fluffy pom! How cute?! It's not too big and you can take it off if you want too, but clearly that's not happening for me. I like that the zip is gold as it really stands out from the pink and the fact that they really make sure you know what brand this is by featuring the company name twice on the purse. Now that's what I call making a brand of yourself.

Back View.
Inside View.
So as you can see this is the back & inside view of the purse. I thought to include this as it shows you exactly what you're getting for a reasonable price. I've been dying for a new purse as my old one was just dirty and plain. Now that I've bought this one I feel sassy again.

Hope you liked my review and if SkinnyDip happened to see this post, I hope you're aware that I'll be purchasing again from you guys very soon!

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"I could give up shopping but I'm not a quitter."

Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own. This isn't a product review. I am just in love with this brand! :)

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