Future Cheer University Nationals!

So during last weekend at our Sirens meal (this will come up in the next few paragraphs) some of the girls asked me to write up a blog post about us competing at Future Cheer that weekend. Originally I had no intentions of doing this as I was just going to lump all of our competitions together, but hey ho... look who's blogging now!


Now throughout this blog post, there's going to be a few pictures and less talking from me. This is purely because I cannot simply breakdown a full cheer weekend into one post. I don't have it in me.
(well I probably do, but I have other posts coming out hehe).

Shown above were a few essentials that I had clearly placed & photographed just for Instagram. This consisted of my Sirens training kit (top & capri's), my cheer shoes & of course my sparkly cheer bow! My uniform was already packed in my bag and I was too lazy to bring it out. I had an early start the next day so there wasn't much to document after this.

This journey went far too quick for my liking. It's like I blinked and we were already on our way to the boys American Football match. Happy that we were there to support them even though they didn't go home with a win. All in all, we were a tad more excited to go to Pizza Express! I'm glad that this was organised by myself and Vicki as she got us our massive table of 34! During this meal, I'm 100% that we all inhaled our food instead of eating it as we were STARVING. This little get-together really eased our nerves and our stomachs & that's warming to know that I did that.

This is where I began to feel so emotional (as always). Our coach started to hand out little cards with our names on this and remembering from last year they were good luck cards considering that this was our first competition together as a new squad. This melted my heart a bit and then I burst out in laughter during speeches and ruined the sentimental moment, but it's okay I found myself funny so ;)

Bedtime snaps from us three!

So this is it, the day finally arrived. We woke up at 6:15am to get ready which isn't what I usually do, but I had to give myself some time to attempt hair and make-up. I usually just do a 'messy' bun and 10 seconds later I'm out the door!

{I did my own make-up. I know, it looks weird but hey my eyebrows are FLEEKY}

My dimple looks so cute in this. I just thought that it was important to include it in this post hehe. My skirt looks super short, but I promise you everything was covered aha! This was just before we went to warm up and god-damn that arena lighting was just blessing my skin that I had to take a quick selfie.

So we killed our performance and came 4th place in our division. For a BRAND NEW team we smashed it and I couldn't have faulted our performance. We know what to work on and we're gunning for top 3 at our next competition in 2 days time!! I felt so good after our routine and I felt even better after digesting more food, but honestly the whole day was such a wonderful experience to be apart of. 

- Erika Gardiner -
"Can you quote something funny for me?"

^^ Bit of an inside joke, but when she reads it I'm sure you'll have a bit of a giggle won't you Erika? ;)

My stunt group slayed these group pictures and there's a lot more of them on my personal Facebook page for all my lovely friends to see. I don't know what was wrong with us, but those pictures will forever make me laugh as they are so weird and random, but that's legit how we all are and now we have a photograph that justifies it.

Farewell Future Cheer.
We'll be back next year just you wait!

"I can hear the Sirens coming!"


Body what are you doing?

^^ Would you look at that! ^^

I can't believe how much my body has gone through within the last 4 years! I used to think that I was always big and then became petite but looking back at these, my body has had a rollercoaster / up & down ride hasn't it?? Time to share this magical journey with you all...


Top Row:

Looking back at the first image, my initial impression was yuck. I don't ever remember looking like that because during that time I was so happy with my weight. Well I wouldn't say so happy, but I was satisfied with it. I was confident at that time, wearing daring choices and well looking back maybe I should have played it safe. All in all, I'm happy that I've slimmed down from the first image as that's not who I am today. Skipping image 2 - photos 3 & 4 make me feel weird. I remember wearing that white crop top and denim skirt to a gig and feeling so sassy. I think I look nice and healthy in that image compared to photograph 4. Now this freaks me out as I 100% remember when that was taken and it looked fine. Now all of a sudden I have skinny twig legs (not a bad thing), no chest and some curves, but nothing compared to what I have now. I'm shocked and it looks like I've gone through Yo-Yo Dieting when in reality my body weight / shape just keeps going up and down, sorry I can't help it. Not much I can say about that as things change. Number 5 & 6 were taken in Uni last year. During this time, I was going to the gym quite a lot and finally, I began to maintain a decent weight throughout Semester A and part of Semester B - yay go me!

Bottom Row:

Who doesn't love a good cheerleading uniform?! I felt like Queen B when I put this on! Felt so slim and athletic which is new to me. I took this picture after team photos and honestly I felt on top of the world, nothing could stop me. Moving on... so all of a sudden I stopped taking mirror pictures and this image was taken whilst at work in the summer of 2015. It's not showing much of my curves, but they came back as you can clearly see on my legs. The same goes with the last 3 pictures. These were all taken this year (2016) and it now looks like I'm building muscle idk? I'm NOT working out daily nor am I eating differently. I don't know what's caused my body to look like this right now, but I'm happy with it. I feel healthy and happy with my figure and that's all I could ever ask for.

I think it's good to look back at the years and see how much you've changed. I didn't know that mine was this "drastic" and now it's shown me not to worry about it and to just take on what life throws you. I feel like I've said that phrase one too many times - well good, sometimes I may have to repeat things for everyone to understand exactly what I'm saying :)

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel."

¿Rant?: Be Clean, Not Dirty.

Even the title of this post gets me fired up, wonderful.


I don't understand why people can't clean up for themselves? I'm sure your parents told you from a young age to pack your toys away? So now in our pre-teens, teens & even adult lives... why can't we do the same?! Maybe it's because I'm a super, over-the-top clean freak that if I see anything dirty in my room it drives me insane. I can't stand dishes left in the sink for longer than 24 hours, any type of food that's dropped on the floor, parts of hair located ANYWHERE and so much more things that get under my skin.

I can't help being like this, but surely some people are just so clueless as to how "clean" they think they are. I don't want to go too into this as I'm not one for making rants but I started this post having seen something so horrific & so dirty that it made me angry enough to half write this blog post. Now a few weeks later, I have no idea what made me this angry so there's no point faking the rest of this post and making up sentences that fill this post up to my standard content. Plus I'm in such a happy mindset that writing a 'rant' isn't going to work at all.

All in all, it's not hard to be clean. In fact it's super easy to tidy up after yourself, keep things clean and pristine. I still have no idea as to why so many people struggle with this and I don't intend on being one of them ever ;)

"A clean home is a happy home."


Reviews! - SkinnyDip London.

☺️ SkinnyDip London ☺️

'SkinnyDip is a London based fashion accessory brand bringing you a range of creative iPhone cases, Bags and headphones.'

I am in LOVE with this store.

Usually I'm never one to write reviews about products, but I have been scoping out this website for a VERY long time and I finally purchased an item of theirs after trying to narrow it down from 10 choices. I ended up selecting the Nope Purse as I thought that this specific word could stop influencing me from online shopping - so far it's failing but it still looks cute so I'm happy regardless.

Front of Purse with SkinnyDip Business Card.

Here is what the front looks like although I've covered it with their business card - told you I haven't done this before - but you can pretty much imagine how it looks if it wasn't there. The size of the purse is much bigger than I expected it to be! If interested in the specifics it's L: 21cm, H: 11cm & D: 2.5cm. I love that it is quite big as it makes me feel like I have a lot of things inside when in reality I have like 3 important cards and some loose change.

Pink Fluffy Detachable Pom.
Gold 'Skinny Dip' Zip.

The main thing about this purse that made me want to buy it was the gold embellishments and of course this pink, fluffy pom! How cute?! It's not too big and you can take it off if you want too, but clearly that's not happening for me. I like that the zip is gold as it really stands out from the pink and the fact that they really make sure you know what brand this is by featuring the company name twice on the purse. Now that's what I call making a brand of yourself.

Back View.
Inside View.
So as you can see this is the back & inside view of the purse. I thought to include this as it shows you exactly what you're getting for a reasonable price. I've been dying for a new purse as my old one was just dirty and plain. Now that I've bought this one I feel sassy again.

Hope you liked my review and if SkinnyDip happened to see this post, I hope you're aware that I'll be purchasing again from you guys very soon!

Discount Code:

"I could give up shopping but I'm not a quitter."

Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own. This isn't a product review. I am just in love with this brand! :)