Q&A Time!

So it's finally that time for me to do a Q&A! I really liked the questions that I was asked and I hope that I answered them correctly lol? There's really no point for me to do an introduction to this blog post as Q&A clearly stands for questions & answers if ya didn't know ;)

Let's get started!

What makes you/your blog different?

This is actually quite hard to answer, so I'm going to spilt this into two answers. What makes me different is that there's only one me. Sure I share the same name with many others, but me myself, I am unique. Cliche but it's true. I'm really open with my friends and I always say things how it is - so I guess that makes me different? In regards to my blog, who's blog is called 'Just a Thought'?? Oh yeah that's right, mine! I'm just playing, but yeah my blog is really out there and I'm very personal with my content. I'm too honest on here tbh, but I'm the same in real life and it's only because I don't see the point in just holding back what I have to say. So if you're ever interested in something about my life, I'm sure it'll be up on my blog at one point! 

What made you want to start a blog?

I saw a few of my friends creating blogs on Twitter and I thought that i'd be pretty good at it also, but I held back and kinda just forgot about the idea. I wasn't that great of a writer when I took English back at school & I didn't think that what I had to say could influence any of my readers so I just didn't look into it. I've covered this before on Twitter and basically said why I did this, but I can't find what I said so oh well you're reading my thoughts now. I started a blog because I could and I wanted to get MY thoughts out there. Little did I know that it would flourish and progress so well! I still can't process it all! *smiles from cheek to cheek*

What truly makes you happy?

I don't really know? I'll state the obvious which are my friends, family & my blog haha. Those are always the first things that come to mind. Other things that tend to make me happy are seeing my loved ones happy. I feed off of other people's positive energy and it makes my day when I know that my friends are just having a good time in life. Food's always a good one to make me happy - truly the real MVP. Being happy with myself is probably THE top answer. I used to be really disappointed with myself for certain things, but as of now I've been loving myself much more than usually and this has made me happier than ever. I dunno what else to say? My connection with God makes me happy and I know I haven't really dwelled into my religion on here but the timing isn't right yet. Soon come, watch this space.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Ahhhhh this question! Well as of now my most embarrassing moment has changed considering last week I made such a SILLY mistake whilst trying to get home. If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen my tweets about this but if not I'll show you below; (read from the bottom up enjoy)!


What are you most happy about in your life at the moment?

So this question is quite similar to the one I just answered above, but to narrow it down to this current moment sounds interesting to think about. What I'm most happy about right now is my blog. Oh how it has transformed in the last 8 months. I remember posting 5 times a day back in June, I don't know how I did that but look how far it's gotten me. I wish that I didn't change the layout as much as it's not that big of a deal but unfortunately I just didn't like the look of it compared to the content that I was putting out. This is one thing that I wish wasn't a big issue to deal with. As of now, I'm very happy with the aesthetics of my blog and I'm hoping that I will keep it like this for a least 6 months to a year (fingers crossed)!

Who are your inspirations?

I've done a blog post about this so no point repeating myself!
Read it here ➡️ "Who are my Inspirations?"

If there was one moment you could go back & relive again... what would it be and why?

There's so many choices for this question! I can't pick one, I really can't :(
Every moment that I would go back to I would want to change and if I got the chance to do that then where would I be right now? This is so tough to think about considering I thought I would be able to answer this question so easily but I guess I was wrong? I always mention that a great milestone for myself was getting into Uni as I never saw this happening until I applied through UCAS and hoped for the best. I guess I wouldn't mind reliving this moment again as it truly made me happy.

What would you change about your appearance?

I regret not leaving it curly grrr! Relaxing it (this means permanently straightening my hair) has ruined my hair and now it's really short. All in all, I'm just not happy with it end of. I'm definitely sure that I would be 10x happier with my old curly/coarse hair, then this thin mess that lays on my head. This is why weave does wonders guys, it's magical ☺️.

Do you prefer living at Uni or living at home?

Oh, this is interesting. Can I choose both? I choose both, it's my post hehe. I love living at Uni because it allows me to learn to live alone and to take care of myself. Sure I have unlimited freedom, but this also tests me to not abuse that and be out 24/7. In regards to living at home, of course I love being there! Free food, unlimited comfort and of course I'm back with my family - what more could I want? This is a 50/50 answer just because I can't picture myself solely living at Uni only and obviously I'm not going to stay at home forever, so I'm at a happy medium right now. Sadly, this only lasts until I graduate and then the trouble begins on deciding when is the right time to move out.

What is your biggest fear about life?

Death :(
This is my number one fear in life. I'm scared of what happens after and because I can't predict what happens next that really scares me. Usually I would have something to say about this or how to prepare yourself for this but I genuinely have no words. All I can say is that this is my biggest fear and I'll just have to physically go through this just to see what happens next & figure out what to do when the time is right *sigh*.

A big thankyou to all that sent in questions for this blog post, I loved doing this! Maybe I should a 20 Facts About Me post? But then again, my blog contains 100+ facts about me so who knows hehe.. ;)

"Ask the right questions if you're looking for the right answers."


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