Nobody Likes Negativity.

By this point, I really thought that I had touched upon the topic of Negativity and I'm shocked at myself that I haven't discussed this with you all. Although, I'm also kind of glad that I haven't had such a bad negative experience that I had to share it with you all... Eeek so contradicting jheeze Tomi!

I don't really know where to start with this as it is an extremely sensitive topic to dwell into but considering that my blog is all about me being open with you all, I may aswell share my views after this sentence.

Who likes Negativity? No one. 
Negative thoughts & mindsets are such powerful things to overcome. I can't even get into detail on how annoying this is. Sometimes, I'm having a good day. In fact, I'm probably having a great day until something goes wrong or something bad has happened. When this strikes, so does Negativity. Being a negative person is something that I cannot stand. I don't understand how people can go about their day thinking such negative thoughts. This is one thing that I am extremely passionate about. There are so many positive situations that outweighs any negative situation that I could ever be in.


I had this statement on my blog, until I modified it, and I still live by this motto everyday. It makes my life 10x easier if I live life through this. It might seem stupid, but it does help. Sometimes coursework gets the better of me, certain friends are no longer to be found or I find myself broke every single week (this is an extreme exaggeration but you get the gist). What I'm trying to say is that all of this can happen to my life, but if I let the negative thoughts overwhelm me - I'd be living a pretty crappy life tbh. You're ALWAYS able to find a positive in any negative situation.

This is a fact.

It's not hard at all because all you need to do is try and honestly you'll see the positive side to your current situation. In regards to my education, I was always weary about coming to Uni. In fact before applying I wanted to take out a gap year and work. I never saw the reason to go to Uni because I know you can get a decent job without a degree and I proved that whilst working when I still was in college. I just felt so anti-uni for the first year of college and I just didn't see myself being there or wanting to go. I saw it as a waste of money, waste of time and just a scary experience overall. I never done any research into courses as this wasn't the path I wanted to take at that present time. It wasn't until my brother went off and told me about his experiences. Once I heard about his adventures, I instantly saw all the positive outcomes to Uni and well long story short, look where I am now. Without Uni, I wouldn't have been able to do a lot of things & I mean A LOT. It's honestly too long to list, but I'm so happy that I pushed out the negative side towards it and focused on the positives!

Have I made any sense?
Being 100% real with you guys, it's super hard for me to write this post about negativity considering that I'm the opposite of it all and it's not the way that I live my life. Gotta say a big thanks to James on telling me to write little statement as it has taken me much longer than usual to word out this post. Hope my views came across as planned!

Positivity > Negativity always guys :)

"You can't live a positive life with a negative mind."

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