New Year, Same Me.

So it's 2016 and what are my New Years' resolutions?

Staying Alive.

We all tend to forget that surviving another year is a big thing to take into recognition. A lot of people didn't make it into 2016 (RIP all) and in all honesty, we really need to start celebrating this with our friends, family & loved ones. Usually, I'm all for New Years Resolutions and that, but I just happened to realise that why is it only in the new year that we tend to make these changes?

Fair enough last year I wanted to look after myself and concentrate on my health, but why couldn't that have started within 2014! In fact, why is it that when it struck 00:00am on 1st January 2015 I decided to change my lifestyle choices? Who knows hmmmm. As it is a tradition to everyone, we all make these type of resolutions, but rarely stick to them within the first few weeks of the new year.

This is why this year I have chosen not to have one, apart from to continue living my life. I value my life a lot and I've kept myself alive for 20 years now, so I intend to extend this for as long as possible. With this "resolution" I do plan on changing my lifestyle again, but this isn't a resolution for me. I just want to do this as it makes me feel good about myself and I have quite a few cheerleading competitions this year, so I want to stay in shape for that. So far all I'm doing is the 30 Day Ab Challenge again and participating in my Uni's Active Students program. I'm not one for paying for the gym again as I didn't put my money to good use last year and as this stuff is free, I think it somehow motivates me a bit more to workout and stay in shape - weird right? Don't know if this is true but I'm seeing an improvement already!

One week into the new year and I've made this minor improvement with myself, who knows what I could tackle within a month or two? Just gotta keep it up, c'mon Tomi.

Another thing I plan to take on in 2016 is becoming a self-made brand. Sounds a bit weird, but it basically means I want to make a name for myself. I aim to push my blog as much as possible as I can see it taking off within this year (hopefully, these are the goals). I've got no clue where to start, but I will start somehow. It's about time that I really put in a lot more effort with my blog and I guess the first step is revamping it to a professional standard (well at least I think it is!)

Shoutout to Rhiannon Jones for my new Social Media Banner! (check it out below).

Hope you all like it!

"There is a lot of blank pages within this new year, make sure to write a good one."

{bought this to keep updated with all the new possibilities I have in store for this year - excited!}

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