Just let it go.

Sometimes it's good to let things go. I don't know how much I can emphasise this statement. It truly is a great thing to do guys... c'mon get it together hehe. So today I've decided, it's #StoryTime just because I feel like the motto "Sharing is Caring" works well for this blog post.

Last week, I've just been going through UNREAL amounts of stress and it's funny that this is happening on my week off. Banta - love it. So let's start with Monday. So along came Monday and I had a house viewing (because I'm going into my 3rd year and living in halls again is a joke). All went well with this visit, in fact it went TOO well for my liking and of course trouble came along with this house, but this was the least of my troubles so I don't plan on getting into details about this. Passing through to Tuesday; I'm Driving again! Yay or nay? One day I'll blog about my driving experience as it is a long story and today, it doesn't come into justice in this blog post. Basically to put it into simple words, I've started driving again simple as. Was it my choice to stop? No. Uni unfortunately got in the way and it didn't become a need to drive but a want. Anyways, I started driving up at Uni and boy is it NOT THE SAME. New instructor, new car & new roads = nervous Tomi. I already have small anxiety whilst driving so starting afresh really didn't ease my nerves. To my surprise, it's like I was driving for years when I hit the roads - I was shocked! Dunno how I did it, but it was doable?

With Wednesday, Thursday & Friday... I'm just going to squish these days together because I can't really remember any important factors that happened between these days, great memory I know thanks ;) So within these three days I think the pressure of Uni JUST KICKED IN OUT OF NOWHERE. Like I feel like I forgot I was studying a degree and I got all panicked about my workload and basically long story short, I thought I was going to fail. So what did I do? Jumped straight into the library and tried to get my head down. As my headphones also broke this week, working in the library without them was a killer, but I still finished what I had planned to do. What I'm trying to get from this post is that I need to stop worrying about what life throws at me and just tackle it head on instead. I didn't think that I would go through all this "drama" this week, but hey I got through it and so will you (if a week like this ever happens to you).

In life, you don't get to choose what good or bad things happen to you - but it's up to you to figure out how you progress from it. I had a crappy week and yet I'm still here ready to take on this week? So what that last week was useless and bad and probably one of my worst week's ever, but who cares it became a new day and that lead into having a new start to a new week. The day has restarted and this is when new opportunities begin to arise and show themselves to me. What happens in this week, I don't know, but all I know is that I look forward to whatever comes my way.

"Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday."

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