Flexibility Progression!

The only reason as to why I'm writing about flexibility is just because I have finally mastered my backbend!

The only difference is, with a backbend you basically fall into the bridge position from standing up instead of pushing up from the floor.

Due to being a Cheerleader, being flexible is a major skill to obtain. This year I really intend on expanding this and hopefully I can improve my flexibility in regards to improving my  Heel Stretch, Scale & possibly pulling a  Scorpion. These are all "cheer terms" so don't be confused as to what I'm talking about (this is why I've attached links).

I also aim to continue with my handstand, without using a wall for balance of course. Just wanted to photograph myself and see how I hold my body weight up. After attending a Gymnastics class yesterday, I now know a better technique to achieving this.

All in all, I thought that it would be nice to have a short & sweet post just because I wanted to share my improvements and hope to look back at this in the future and see the differences between now & what's to come. Plus this makes me feel like a health fanatic when ideally I'm just working out here and there!

"Better to bend, than to break!"


  1. I'm impressed! You've got some serious skills going on there.

    1. Thanks beaut! I'm trying to become so bendy hehe, getting there! X

  2. Well done Tomi! Wow, I definitely couldn't do it, hahaha. I was so good at handstands though before I had my collarbone taken out!
    Good luck with your cheerleading, it looks like it's going great for you xx

    1. Thanks Jayde means a lot! I'm still working on mine & ahhhh wish I could have seen it :)
      it's going well thank you! xo