Disney's The Lion King (it was magical).


I cried (internally), but I wish I seriously cried real tears from my eyes.

This show was absolutely amazing. I'm so glad I re-watched the cartoon a few days before just to remember everything that happened as after I watched the musical, it lived up to it's full potential.

So yesterday morning, we arrived at the Lyceum Theatre and even before stepping inside I just had to take a picture of the venue as the architecture of this building is beautiful. I've walked past this theatre before but I never got to truly appreciate it's structure and how well it's built. I'm sure it seems like I'm just trying to make this post long, but I was really fascinated with the building itself.

So off we went, we handed in our tickets to the concierge and had a little browse through the souvenir shop as we got there very early to our show time. How cute was this little layout?! I found this so adorable that I just had to grab a quick snap hehe ;)

As soon as I picked up these keyrings, I JUST KNEW I had to buy one for the both of us and that's exactly what I did.


I didn't tell her where we were sitting as they were quite special seats and considering that this was her Christmas / Birthday treat, I thought she should wait until we got into the theatre! Aren't I cheeky? *monkey face emoji*

TADA. Yup... that's right those were our seats. I got us second row seats (which were basically front row as we could see the stage so well!). I was so happy with our seats as we really got to be apart of the performance when the ensemble started walking through the crowds and interacting with the audience. I cannot begin to tell you what I felt whilst watching the performance, I genuinely thought I was going to cry as so much nostalgia was happening at once... and then it ended and I didn't know what to do with myself afterwards??

So we left, reminisced about the show and continued our London outing with a walk to Convent Garden & then to Leicester Square for dinner - cute.

I'm so happy we finally got to see this as we have both been waiting oh so desperately for the right time to come AND IT FINALLY CAME! Go and see The Lion King, honestly if you want to relive your childhood again this is a must watch.

"Hakuna Matata... it means no worries."


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