Documenting My Clothes + Fashion Style.

(full-length mirrors are bae)

For the past week & a bit, I've been documenting my clothing choices. As you can clearly see in the pictures that I've included, I don't really have a "typical style". I pretty much range from casual tops and jeans to skirts and heels... sounds decent to me? Why do my outfits range from such different items of clothing, I don't know and I don't really care about being the same as others :)

I feel like this little project that I started, has made me feel like I am documenting myself. I know I said that I'm on a blogging break and truth being told - I still am. I just wanted to address this topic that I have been brainstorming about for the last few weeks. Why do I not have "My Own Style" when it comes to fashion? Within Social Media today, there are numerous amount of clothing styles floating about for people to follow. I've been trying to decipher all of these styles and this is what I have found.

Style One: Classic.
"Classic" style may display comfort, but actually it focuses more on quality and popular styles such as button-down shirts, ballet pumps/trainers, a decent pair of leggings and comfy boots. If you have this type of fashion, you are showing simple elegance in your wardrobe.

Style Two: Sophisticated.
People with a "sophisticated" style are not easily satisfied. Similar to classic, these people want higher quality clothing. People who appreciate sophisticated style are often very obsessed with their presentation. Well that's what I would think!

Style Three: Preppy.
"Preppy" style is very popular among Americans. I don't really see people in the UK having a preppy fashion, as it isn't that big over here. This style is often quite girly. The clothes are great to mix and match. In most of the time, the style may appear luxurious but actually people with this style do not need to drop a ton of cash to have 'the look'.

Style Four: Kawaii.
“Kawaii” means cute in Japanese, and it is a style that uses bright colours to make a person look cuter and adorable. It's popular among Japanese girls from the age of fifteen to eighteen and it is the perfect style for those who like to stand out among other people.

These aren't all the styles out there, but it's a summary of what's popular within this generation. I truly believe that each of my outfits that I conjure up together represents my personality. I don't have the same personality everyday (according to my brain) it's constantly changing and I channel that through my clothes.

"Why fit in, when you were born to stand out!"