WICKED! 2015.


I can easily say that seeing this last week has added to my year.

I can't believe I went to go see Wicked! What an amazing opportunity it was and the fact that I went with my friends made it 10x better. I made sure prior before going to the show to not listen to any of the songs on the soundtrack or to watch snippets of the performance online as I wanted to be totally surprised when the show started.


So lemme tell you all about it.

I got to Victoria Station on Wednesday evening and BAM there it was. Located on the streets of London was the green, glittering iconic Wicked logo staring down at me. As I found my friends, we rushed into the building to go collect our tickets from the office. Once we got our tickets a few of us got some drinks and headed down to our seats. As we got our tickets from the office, we had no idea where we were sitting and of course we were hoping for a great view.


(still can't believe how close we were to the stage!)

To our surprise, we had stalls seats that were like 5 rows from the front. I was shocked especially because we didn't pay an arm and a leg for these seats. As excited as we were about our seats, the show was about to start and we really needed to calm down because we were all on such a high buzz. As the lights dimmed down, the stage lit up with a colourful (green tinted) display of song, dance and truly magical entertainment. My first thought was for the pure talent standing before us. I have never been so blown away by such an amazing opening performance.

The entire show was flawless throughout as the actors and dancers on stage gave an incredible performance that left me shocked; yet fascinated from beginning to end. The vocals of Elphaba & Galinda (Glinda) were OUTSTANDING. They dominated the show with powerful, funny and at times emotional performances that captivated the whole audience without fail. The storyline itself is pretty well-thought out. As it is basically a behind-the-scenes version of 'The Wizard of Oz’, Wicked is described as the untold version of what happened before Dorothy was introduced.

So that's it! That's my Wicked experience summed up as much as I could describe it. All in all, it was a wonderful night trip with my friends and I already have a feeling that we will be going again very soon ;)

"I think I'll try Defying Gravity."

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