Silence Speaks a THOUSAND WORDS.

Silence is such a powerful word.
It can make someone who's loud and outgoing, become someone who is reserved and coy. It's amazing how one word can do that to a person.

I HATE silence.

Sounds silly but watch me explain ;)

Whenever I'm angry or upset, my first instinct is to go silence and basically hibernate. To this day, I still don't know why I do it, but I've noticed that it acts as a coping mechanism for me. It's so easy for me to shut off and to lock out the world. It feels like time has stopped when I do it and oddly enough some part of my mind enjoys this. When being silent, I am able to reconnect with my thoughts and find peace.

I've touched base on this topic before in one of my previous blog posts so I'm not going to go on about why I'm quiet and how I revive myself from that.

I remember when I titled this blog post. I was angry about something and at that moment and time I wanted to get everything out on this post.

But I chose not too. Good decision Tomi. 

Even just looking at my facial expression in the image below clearly shows I was not happy whilst taking this picture - just for this post. Recollecting on my thoughts, I'm so happy I didn't end up writing a negative post to then just read back on it and realise that I was a bit of an idiot pushing my anger through words.

As much as silence comes across as a bad thing, it can also be perceived as good. Don't believe me? Well listen up then!

Sounds silly, but being satisfied with yourself whilst being silent is a great feeling. I always praise myself when I hold my tongue before saying something that I would regret. Silence taught me to be happy when holding back strong words, which would later backfire in my face.

Being able to speak makes life easy, but when I couldn’t talk I learned how much I relied on others. Silence taught me to appreciate the value of relating to others. The next time you see your friends or family, try to really listen. Deep listening expresses deep appreciation.

What amazed me was how easily my thoughts drowned out the noise. I realised that if my thoughts were this loud, I’d better make them as wise as possible. Silence taught me the importance of shaping my thinking. Take time each day to notice your thoughts and let go of thoughts that don’t serve you.

For a long time anytime something difficult came up, I would just distract myself. But retreat taught me that if I avoided something it would never go away. Silence taught me that space helps me face hard times. The next time you face something difficult, pause and take a good look at what your next step could be.

I used to lie so I wouldn’t have to explain myself. But when I couldn’t talk about the truth, I began to notice this weird impulse feeling that I would get when the lies would fall out of my mouth. Silence taught me the importance of telling the truth. Notice times where you tell little lies and try telling the truth instead. It isn’t always easy but it’s the first step to trusting others and ourselves.

Just think about what I've discussed, think about how easy it could be for you if you just take the time to appreciate silence. I'm trying to think of a great way to round this up, but I just want you to all think about how being silent can affect your life. It definitely affected mine and now I'm finally learning from it. 

"Silence is the MOST powerful scream."

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