Netflix & Chill???

I'm still laughing at the title of this post.

Netflix & Chill.

Two simple words that have a multitude of meanings.

What would you interpret from this saying? I think you can "Netflix & Chill" with your friends, but if you're having a one-to-one with a guy or a girl then you're not just chilling are you? ;)

The video below is something that caught my eye the other day as it is legit 100% accurate when it comes to this saying.

In my opinion, when using this saying, all I just want to do is to watch something on Netflix and just chill. In regards to "chilling" - to me it means to just pig out and stuff my face full with fatty foods! Who doesn't want to binge-watch Prison Break whilst eating Doritos? Or heavy fill your face with ice cream whilst catching up with OITNB?

This is actually something that I've done and I'm not even going to deny it.

If you're not careful, Netflix & Chill can easy put people in a bad light. Unfortunately it makes any girl look bad and it sucks to own up to this. If a girl goes to her friends and says "oh this guy asked me to come over and watch Netflix with him and chill" it already sounds so bad from there. Agreeing to “Netflix and Chill” can very well contribute to her having a bad reputation in the future.

All in all, people can choose to do whatever they want to do. If you want to chill whilst watching shows on Netflix? GO AHEAD. Don't let anyone stop you.

This phrase blew up so much on Twitter not too long ago and I thought that it was a great topic to discuss. Not sure if I covered it that well, but I think I done a decent job!

*pats myself on the back*

What are your thoughts?

"Life is so much easier when you just chill out."

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