Don't you just HATE it when...

Hate is a strong word, but for me to use dislike within the title wouldn't have worked out how I wanted it too.

Don't you just hate it when... give someone another chance yet they still don't value your friendship. feel upset, yet you don't know why.'re dying for something to eat and you can't decide what. try your hardest, but you don't get outcome you wanted.

...your friends aren't really your friends. see your loved one cry and there's nothing you can do to stop it. see your best friend make the same mistake over and over again, yet they don't see it. wake up in the morning feeling so tired, but at night you can't sleep. try and save all your money but then that new jacket just calls out your name.

...your social media pages becomes apart of your morning routine.

These are my "Don't you just hate it when..." answers. No idea what made me blog this, but I was laying in bed the other night and the title just came to me. It's not supposed to make anyone feel sad, It's supposed to be relatable idk? I think many close friends of mine will understand where I'm going with this! Don't worry guys, "Don't you just love it when..." will be coming out shortly so smile :)

"Sometimes it's best to stay quiet as there are no words to explain what you're thinking."


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