Working the Rugby World Cup 2015!


I can't believe that I get to say that I've been accredited to work at the Official Rugby World Cup this year! Ain't that pretty cool if I do say so myself? ;)

As I work with a recruitment company, I am able to work shifts at Twickenham Stadium as part of the Bar Staff. If you want to know exclusively what I do, I can either be a server, pourer or a cashier. Only recently have I learnt to work the tills and I have been recognised for being pretty quick at taking orders, so I think I'll stick to this, as it's the best type of work when dealing with such a busy crowd.

Working at Twickenham has it's perks. When working there a few weeks ago, I was able to meet one of the Rugby Players - Simon Shaw - and he ended up working for me by taking orders whilst I rung them up on the till. Apart from this rare occurrence, I also get to watch the match on the screen outside where the bars are located. As much fun as this sounds - it's not easy work. As Twickenham can hold up to 82,000 people; most, if not all of those people want something to drink. Which means that I work and serve the public for AGES. Usually my shifts are around 12 hours long (or under). Don't fret as yes, I do get a break and I also get given a lunch token to use to purchase hot food so all is well. The only negative I have about bar work is when you're standing on the bar for as long as I do, your legs begin to collapse on you at one point.

Nevertheless, I still will continue to work at Twickenham. It's a great experience and I get paid for it. I like working with Barcode, as the shifts are so flexible and I decided to call in for work, I'm not given set shifts to work - yay. Not sure when I'm working the World Cup next as Uni is here already, but I'll definitely make sure to not miss out on the final match! :)

"We scrum for possession, run for the try zone, bleed for the team & live for the game."

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