OCD or Organised?

So whoever knows me, knows that I love being organised!

It's 100% true and it's something I'm not ashamed about :). I call it "OCD" sometimes just because of the way I do certain things, but the rest of my ways are just purely because I love to place my things in certain places.

My Organisation/OCD Habits:

1. All the hangers in my wardrobe have to be the same make and colour. They are black, velvet hangers from Primark, which have saved my life.

2. All my clothes in my wardrobe are in colour order. Don't ask. It's always been like that for as long as I can remember.

3. There are certain plastic cups in my cupboard at home, which has to be stacked in this order: Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Red and Red. If it's not in that order, I always change it regardless.

4. If a plug socket is switched on and not in use, I have to switch it off immediately. This just doesn't go for my house only; I've done it in Uni and other locations - oops.

5. My bed has to be made a certain way and if someone has slept in it and tried to make my bed, I always know as it's never done exactly how I like it :(

6. I lay my hairbrushes and my comb in a certain way on my chest of drawers and if it's been moved I will know.

7. When I pack to go away somewhere, I usually do it about 3 times. The first time is the initial packing, the second time is to just double check and the third time is to make sure I didn't mess up on the second attempt.

8. Alongside with packing, whenever I go away I always unpack straight away and that's the same when coming back. I hate coming home and not putting all my clothes back into their original places.

9. I probably clean my room either 3/4 times a week as I'm never truly satisfied with it.

10. The notes app on my iPhone & I are the best of friends. I love writing lists on there. No matter how big or small a list is my favourite thing to have on my phone. I average around 2-3 lists a week haha.

So that's it. I bet some people reading this will think that I'm so strange, but that's how I function in life. I don't believe anyone to have the same traits as me, but if you do at least you're not alone!

"Being organised is being in control."

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