Lonely Travels.

I generally thought that this would be the best thing in the world to do, but I was seriously so wrong.

Disclaimer: This post is solely based on my personal experiences and I don't want my travel troubles to put off anyone from travelling.

In between the month of July & the start of August I travelled a lot for work and I hated it (didn't think I would but I was so unhappy grrr). Please bear in mind that I travelled by train only guys. If I was flying out & about, I guarantee that I would have a) flown somewhere amazing & b) wouldn't be blogging about it now (unless it was a special occasion hehe).

*gets side-tracked whilst thinking about holidays abroad*

During this summer, I picked up a lot of freelance jobs that didn't require me to complete a certain amount of hours each week. This basically means that I was able to work whatever days I wanted too and just had to accept the hours that they gave me. A lot of these jobs weren't based in my hometown so I had to travel long and far just to get there on time. If you follow me on Twitter (shameless self promo: @Tomi_Ojo) you would have seen me complain about travelling to Luton each week. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against Luton at all. It only annoyed me because I had to wake up at 5am each day to get there for 8:30am-9am. Now tell me you'd still be happy travelling at those times 5 days a week?

I love travelling, but when you have to get a certain train during rush hour isn't fun. Plus train tickets aren't cheap. They're so pricey depending on the distance of your travels. I remember being called into work one morning out of the blue and getting so distraught about it. I ended up spending almost £30 for a return ticket and had to dip into my savings - this made me cry. I hate using my savings, as it should be for emergencies only. Because I knew that I would be working a lot, I calculated my money that I needed to spend for scheduled days of work only. This meant that no extra days were included.

Oh well, I've done it and it's all over now :)

Travelling has it's benefits. If I didn't go up to Luton, I wouldn't have met so many wonderful faces. Plus I got to experience so many amazing opportunities such as visiting Sky Academy Studios. I just wish my travels were a bit better. Maybe it's because I was alone... who knows? I'm still open to travelling outside my area, just depends on where I'm going and why! ;)

The only thing that I can take from this is that travelling solo offers more opportunities to meet new people and other travelers. This allows you to have meaningful conversations than traveling with a friend. Think about it. Rather than being focused on your friend you’re focused on your surroundings. 

You’re open and exposed to the world.

"Don't be a tourist, be a traveller."

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