Working the Rugby World Cup 2015!


I can't believe that I get to say that I've been accredited to work at the Official Rugby World Cup this year! Ain't that pretty cool if I do say so myself? ;)

As I work with a recruitment company, I am able to work shifts at Twickenham Stadium as part of the Bar Staff. If you want to know exclusively what I do, I can either be a server, pourer or a cashier. Only recently have I learnt to work the tills and I have been recognised for being pretty quick at taking orders, so I think I'll stick to this, as it's the best type of work when dealing with such a busy crowd.

Working at Twickenham has it's perks. When working there a few weeks ago, I was able to meet one of the Rugby Players - Simon Shaw - and he ended up working for me by taking orders whilst I rung them up on the till. Apart from this rare occurrence, I also get to watch the match on the screen outside where the bars are located. As much fun as this sounds - it's not easy work. As Twickenham can hold up to 82,000 people; most, if not all of those people want something to drink. Which means that I work and serve the public for AGES. Usually my shifts are around 12 hours long (or under). Don't fret as yes, I do get a break and I also get given a lunch token to use to purchase hot food so all is well. The only negative I have about bar work is when you're standing on the bar for as long as I do, your legs begin to collapse on you at one point.

Nevertheless, I still will continue to work at Twickenham. It's a great experience and I get paid for it. I like working with Barcode, as the shifts are so flexible and I decided to call in for work, I'm not given set shifts to work - yay. Not sure when I'm working the World Cup next as Uni is here already, but I'll definitely make sure to not miss out on the final match! :)

"We scrum for possession, run for the try zone, bleed for the team & live for the game."

OCD or Organised?

So whoever knows me, knows that I love being organised!

It's 100% true and it's something I'm not ashamed about :). I call it "OCD" sometimes just because of the way I do certain things, but the rest of my ways are just purely because I love to place my things in certain places.

My Organisation/OCD Habits:

1. All the hangers in my wardrobe have to be the same make and colour. They are black, velvet hangers from Primark, which have saved my life.

2. All my clothes in my wardrobe are in colour order. Don't ask. It's always been like that for as long as I can remember.

3. There are certain plastic cups in my cupboard at home, which has to be stacked in this order: Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Red and Red. If it's not in that order, I always change it regardless.

4. If a plug socket is switched on and not in use, I have to switch it off immediately. This just doesn't go for my house only; I've done it in Uni and other locations - oops.

5. My bed has to be made a certain way and if someone has slept in it and tried to make my bed, I always know as it's never done exactly how I like it :(

6. I lay my hairbrushes and my comb in a certain way on my chest of drawers and if it's been moved I will know.

7. When I pack to go away somewhere, I usually do it about 3 times. The first time is the initial packing, the second time is to just double check and the third time is to make sure I didn't mess up on the second attempt.

8. Alongside with packing, whenever I go away I always unpack straight away and that's the same when coming back. I hate coming home and not putting all my clothes back into their original places.

9. I probably clean my room either 3/4 times a week as I'm never truly satisfied with it.

10. The notes app on my iPhone & I are the best of friends. I love writing lists on there. No matter how big or small a list is my favourite thing to have on my phone. I average around 2-3 lists a week haha.

So that's it. I bet some people reading this will think that I'm so strange, but that's how I function in life. I don't believe anyone to have the same traits as me, but if you do at least you're not alone!

"Being organised is being in control."

University Life: 2nd Year Starts Now.

So tomorrow I move back to University again... already?!

mixed emotions or nah?

I'm quite excited to start my second year of my degree. How funny... a year ago I would have never said this. I was terrified on starting all over again, but I knew that it would be a great opportunity for me and boy was I right.

As this is my second year, it's one of the years that counts to my final degree. Don't get me wrong, I treated 1st year as the real deal - there's no way I was going to start off my first year at Uni by slacking in class. To say I'm nervous is one thing, but I'm just intrigued to see how the year will pan out. I'm super busy this year as I've got a new job, cheerleading and many small things that will be soon revealed in the future ;)

All I can say is that I'm super proud of myself. A year ago today I had all my bags packed and there I was ready to start a new life on my own. Who would of thought that I would have found great friends, many amazing job opportunities and last but not least... an fantastic 2:1 overall in my first year.

I can't wait to get back and tackle 2nd Year!

Even though this is a short blog post, I'm sure that I'll be blogging more about my second year experiences when the timing is right :)

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."


Hello YouTube!

First before certain people get excited, no I'm not starting my own YouTube Channel - sorry! ;)


Let's get started shall we?

If you know Chloe, you'll know that she has her own YouTube Channel:
❤️ Chloe Hannah Little ❤️

I remember when she first announced that she will be making videos and I was so happy to be there to support her all the way! I've known Chloe for over 2 years now and to see how much she has blossomed over those two years is so amazing oh my. For as long as I can remember, we have endlessly spoke about making a video together and I didn't think that we would get together to actually do it - but here we are! When we started to make plans for me to come over to her house and film for her channel, it all began to feel real and well now it is real - woah.

As we're both bloggers, we easily knew what subject that we could talk about without struggle... blogging duh ;)

A long time ago I used to film my own YouTube videos - shocker - and that's when Chloe & I began to talk about filming a video together. Now that we've finally done it, I can easily say that it was definitely worth the wait! Filming is such a great thing to do, but it's so hard to be serious when you're sitting with your best friend hehe. In the end we got the footage filmed and as I struggled to keep sane and focused, I'm happy that I got out of my comfort zone and decided to do something different!

I hope you all enjoy the video as much as I did being in it!

Feel free to follow Chloe's Social Media Links:

Twitter: @ChloeHLittle
Instagram: @ChloeHLittle

"You never get bored with YouTube."



I still can't believe that I have gone through twenty years of my life today; I don't even know where to start with this short blog post.

Today I turn 20 years old!!

Thank you God for allowing me to continue living my life for this long. I'm so thankful for another year. I can happily say that I look forward to my adult years and all the blessings that will be thrown my way.

Showing off my new Timberlands from Papa!

Now that I'm 20 years young, I thought that I needed a more mature layout than my previous theme.

Surprise, Surprise!

Hope you guys like it :)

"Birthday Cake Calories don't count - remember that!"

Money Struggles!


I am one of those people that have always had issues when it comes to money. From the age of 12-13 years old, I began to save any bit of money that I managed to receive. Whether it was £1 or even a £5 note, I made sure that it was saved in a money jar and not spent on something meaningless. Thinking about it now, I'm so happy that I didn't grow up receiving pocket money from my Mum as I really appreciate the value of money to very this day.

 It all started when I was in Secondary School. You know when you're 13 and you want to go out shopping or to the cinemas with your friends? Yeah, well as I was so desperate to do all that, I needed to figure out how I would pay for it. Usually I have a great memory of my past, but for some reason I cannot seem to remember how I saved my money while in school, so I guess that's a story for another day!

This is where my money management mindset kicked into overdrive ;)

As I had to get the train to college everyday and I needed money for lunch, my mum supplied me with £20 for the entire week. Now this was more than enough, as I started to realise that I always had around £5 or under leftover from each week. As my GCSE Maths brain finally kicked in, I decided to start adding up how much it would cost me to get the train to college each week. It totaled up to around £10 and as I wasn't such a big eater back in my college days, I limited my lunch to £5 for the entire week - crazy right?

So by doing this, every Monday afternoon I would head to the bank and put away £5 of my week's money in my account. Sooner or later it began to add up and I started to see a nice and healthy bank balance, which made me smile. Sure I was taking a big risk on when it came to eating, but I know how my stomach works so I was okay. Towards the end of my first year of college I managed to land myself an amazing, well-paid job and no longer needed to rely on that £5 entering my bank account each week.

To this day, I still am forever thankful for getting employed whilst in college. As I had a great income each month, I stopped receiving money from my Mum. I think she still gave me £10 a week but I'm sure it stopped at one point, I don't recall. Apart from that, I no longer struggled. I was able to pay for my MacBook Air, an iPhone Contract, Driving Lessons and many more things including $1000 spending money for New York. Even though I got myself luxurious items, I still put half of my earnings in a savings account for a car in the future, but my plans have changed now. All I want to get across is that if you're struggling like I did, something will come and impact your life. Whether it is a great job opportunity or a huge amount of winnings - it will come in it's due time.

So after all that, then what did I go and do? I quit my job to pursue University haha! :)

 Sometimes you have to give up such an amazing opportunity for a bigger thing that hasn't been introduced to your life yet. Who knows where life will take me in the future? By choosing University, I got 3 jobs instead of one. A year ago I would have never believed this to happen to me, but sometimes you just have to follow your gut instinct instead of sticking to what you know.

"Do what you love and the money will follow."


Future Me... Listen Up?

After writing a blog post on things I would have told my younger self, I considered creating my own list of what I would tell my future self. Maybe these will be on your list too.

Forgive yourself.

Experience is the best way to learn.

Believe in what you can't see. If it's meant to be, it will be.

Don’t judge people by how they look. Focus on how they make you feel.

Don’t play games especially with yourself.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you what is best for you.

Find a partner who can keep up and grow with you. Love will find you.

People see your greatness. Start seeing it yourself.

You are your own worst critic. Don't believe everything you think.

You aren’t what people say you are.

You really do get better with age.

If anyone agrees with what I've said... let me know? I hope most of these become true within my life :)

"The future depends on what we do in the Present."


Lately, I have been SUPER OBSESSED with Disney. Well I am a 90's kid so I don't blame myself tbh.

 Within the last few weeks, I have been hooked on iconic Disney film songs. Whilst browsing on Spotify, I happened to find an amazing mixed playlist of Disney music and I can at least say that everyday I have listened to this playlist more than once.

I say this with pride as I am not ashamed ;)

Disney has been around throughout my entire life. I grew up watching Mickey Mouse and iconic films such as Lion King, Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast etc. Disney does something that no other movies can do. When we think of Disney animation's, we can easily remember its wonderful soundtracks. I can easily say that there are hardly any people who have never heard a Disney soundtrack at least once in their life.

Another reason that people are crazy about Disney is its attractive characters. They make characters that people from all generations would like. For example, Disney’s early characters such as Mickey Mouse and Snow White are still loved by adults and kids consistently. It truly shows that Disney’s characters have powerful impact on all generations.

I will always and forever be a fan of Disney. My aim in life is to go to Disneyland Paris & Disneyland Florida and to have that iconic Disneyland experience. One day I will wear those Minnie Mouse ears with pride and think to myself "I've finally made it."

Here's a "few" of my favourite songs on my Spotify Playlist!
"You're never to old to love Disney!"

Lonely Travels.

I generally thought that this would be the best thing in the world to do, but I was seriously so wrong.

Disclaimer: This post is solely based on my personal experiences and I don't want my travel troubles to put off anyone from travelling.

In between the month of July & the start of August I travelled a lot for work and I hated it (didn't think I would but I was so unhappy grrr). Please bear in mind that I travelled by train only guys. If I was flying out & about, I guarantee that I would have a) flown somewhere amazing & b) wouldn't be blogging about it now (unless it was a special occasion hehe).

*gets side-tracked whilst thinking about holidays abroad*

During this summer, I picked up a lot of freelance jobs that didn't require me to complete a certain amount of hours each week. This basically means that I was able to work whatever days I wanted too and just had to accept the hours that they gave me. A lot of these jobs weren't based in my hometown so I had to travel long and far just to get there on time. If you follow me on Twitter (shameless self promo: @Tomi_Ojo) you would have seen me complain about travelling to Luton each week. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against Luton at all. It only annoyed me because I had to wake up at 5am each day to get there for 8:30am-9am. Now tell me you'd still be happy travelling at those times 5 days a week?

I love travelling, but when you have to get a certain train during rush hour isn't fun. Plus train tickets aren't cheap. They're so pricey depending on the distance of your travels. I remember being called into work one morning out of the blue and getting so distraught about it. I ended up spending almost £30 for a return ticket and had to dip into my savings - this made me cry. I hate using my savings, as it should be for emergencies only. Because I knew that I would be working a lot, I calculated my money that I needed to spend for scheduled days of work only. This meant that no extra days were included.

Oh well, I've done it and it's all over now :)

Travelling has it's benefits. If I didn't go up to Luton, I wouldn't have met so many wonderful faces. Plus I got to experience so many amazing opportunities such as visiting Sky Academy Studios. I just wish my travels were a bit better. Maybe it's because I was alone... who knows? I'm still open to travelling outside my area, just depends on where I'm going and why! ;)

The only thing that I can take from this is that travelling solo offers more opportunities to meet new people and other travelers. This allows you to have meaningful conversations than traveling with a friend. Think about it. Rather than being focused on your friend you’re focused on your surroundings. 

You’re open and exposed to the world.

"Don't be a tourist, be a traveller."

Working @ V Festival!


So this is probably one of my posts that a lot of my friends have been looking out for. Well look no further, as it is (finally) here!

So yes, I worked at this year's V Festival. I was based at Hyland's Park V Fest located in Chelmsford, Essex. As I am part of a Recruitment Company; they are hired to locate staff for multiple events such as BBC Proms, Reading Festival, T in the Park & of course V Festival.

I have NEVER been to a Festival before, so I thought to myself "Why not sign up to work at V Tomi?". I knew that I would be seeing a lot of my favourite acts for free and also I would be getting paid to go at the same time - basically a win/win if you ask me ;)

I worked as bar staff on the Saturday & Sunday of V Fest. As a few of my friends work with this company, I was lucky enough to work with them all on the same bar and considering we were doing 12-hour shifts each day - I definitely needed them by my side. We were based right next to the main stage, which means I got to see my baby Sam Smith perform right in front of me (I genuinely cried internally throughout his entire performance). Other acts such as Ella Henderson, James Bay, Hozier, George Ezra, Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris & The Script added to my shift. It was really amazing to listen to them do their thing whilst serving drinks such as J├Ągerbombs and Vodka Redbulls to the public.

Working at V was such an indescribable feeling to have. Sounds silly, but I've never lived the festival life before and it was such an eye-opener for me!

As we had to camp out for the weekend, we luckily were given our own staff camping site away from the general public. Staying at the campsite meant that I had to sleep in a tent for the first time in my life. It was a weird experience and never again do I want to use those outdoor showers as they really freaked me out. Serving the general public is one of my favourite things to do now - especially at a festival. You get such a mix of people asking for such common drinks. Many people tried to get me to give them extra servings, but considering my manager was over-watching the bar, it was never going to happen. I never expected to serve two guys with my friend to then end up talking to them for around an hour whilst they kept re-ordering more drinks.

The best part of V Fest was receiving these glow sticks :)

I still love the fact that she gave me these just because she was extremely happy after watching Ellie Goulding perform. I love serving people like that. Overall, I loved being behind the bar at V Fest and considering that this was my first ever festival - I'm so happy that it turned out to be such a great success. Can't wait to work or even attend many more festivals in the future!

"Good Times, Good Memories & Good Music."

Wish I knew all of this when I was Little.

Just a few things that I would like to share with you all :)

Don't wear your heart on your sleeve because not everyone has the same kindness as you have for yourself.

A few best friends are better than 20 "good friends".

School is supposed to be fun so try & enjoy it because one day you'll miss them days.

Most times your Mum is always right, take the time to listen to what she has to say.

Only surround yourself with people that will lift you higher.

Your true friends are the ones who are there for you, who listen to you and who support you. True friends will call you out & empower you to grow.

Don’t give up on your talents and hobbies. If you love sports, playing music, or writing, keep doing it.

You’re going to make mistakes - a lot of them. Most of your mistakes are actually life lessons in disguise.

Be clear about what you want, what you don’t want, and what you need.

Everything is going to be ok.

These are just a few helpful tips that I thought would be useful to the younger generation. When I was little, I grew up relying on others and copying what everyone else did. This then made me became apart of the traditional stigma that we see in society today. Begin to break that stigma if you have a younger brother or sister. Pass on these tips to them and hopefully they will take them on board within their life.

If you could turn back the clock and give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

"You'll get much better with age."

Indescribable Emotions.

It's so hard to even begin to start writing this post.

I really want to get this all out of my head before I forget, so here goes nothing.

Ever had one of those days when your whole mood changes for no reason and you can't explain why?

*raises hand*

I can't even begin to tell you how this feels. Literally, I can't even try as it doesn't come out as a word that I can describe it by.

I'm an emotional person and if you know me extremely well (which surprise, surprise a lot of people don't) I get really overwhelmed with my emotions. Usually it depends on the situation, but most times it just me. I don't know where it comes from, but it feels like a switch has been flicked and I can go from being the most happiest girl on earth, to being super upset for no reason. I've learnt to hide it all my life and disguise it with tiredness - which isn't a good thing. The one thing that gets to me about this is when people ask, "what's wrong?" and I can't give them an answer. Sometimes nothing has to be wrong for someone to be upset. I really wish everyone understood this, but not everyone has the same emotions.

I feel like this is such a 'deep' topic to talk about and as I don't have a resolution on how to deal with it all, that I guess this post ends here.

If you get it, you get it and if you don't then you're pretty lucky in my eyes.

"People cry, not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long.