It is so good to be back and blogging for you all once again. I really thought that I would come back lost for words and have to continue having a tough time writing blog posts, but boy do I have many posts to share!

I didn't think I would miss blogging but on my weekends off whilst working (even though I was SUPER busy) I still wish I started writing up a blog post. All my friends have been posting blogs left, right & centre and I just felt like my page would slowly begin to disappear, as I wasn't posting every week as usual.

Well that stops today!

I am back and back for GOOD. No more breaks, unless something comes up but I doubt I'll stop writing for that long again. The topics that I have to discuss are going to be making a huge impact to some of my viewers. Not forgetting including some of my deep posts about my personal life. As some of my big posts that I will be writing are based solely on me, I will never stop posting about simple topics that everyone can relate too. I'm trying so hard to not reveal as much but I'm basically ready to explode you all with my blog posts ahhhh!

Happy to be back and inspiring others once again!

"There's no place like home (blogger)."

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