Moving Out: The Truth.

You've got the grades, you've gone out and celebrated... so what next?


uh oh.

I thought that this would be a good topic to talk about seeing as a few people I know are moving away from home to University for the first time this September. What an exciting milestone to achieve!

Moving away from home is not as simple as it sounds. You have to pack up your life and relocate to a brand new area that you are most likely unfamiliar with. I did my big move last year in September to my chosen University and boy was that an interesting section of my life. At first, I was SO excited and then I realised that it was actually happening and I HAD to actually leave my home. Once I did the big move, I never looked back. Of course I love being home, but being that independent and living on my own for my first year of Uni really made me grow up. I mean, I'm already "grown up" in my eyes, but I learnt more life lessons from living away at home than continuing living under my mum's roof.

The fear of moving out is ALWAYS there. You're actually moving out - continue saying this to yourself until you believe that it is actually happening. When it comes to the living part of living away from home - most of us aren't usually ready for that. In my option, your best solution is Ikea. This is the best and cheapest place to get all your necessary items for your big move. 

Warning: Ikea is as fun as fun as you imagined it to be.

So after a huge shopping spree at Ikea (that's if you even decide to go) your journey now begins. Everything's packed in the car, you've said goodbye to all your friends at home - the time has come for you to leave the nest. When arriving at your chosen university, please be prepared that your room is going to be HELLA SMALL! So I hope you didn't pack your entire life, cause trust me you won't fit it all in that one space. The first thing I would advise to do is Make Friends. Don't be that person who waits for their housemates to come to them, go out and knock on their doors and see if they're going out tonight. I did just that and people wonder why I get called a social butterfly? By the end of the night you'll be telling each other that "they're the best" and that "it feels like we've been friends for ages".

The next day appears and you've finally felt it kick in that you don't live at home anymore. It takes a while for people to realise this, but once you do the Uni lifestyle starts up instantly. Everything falls into place and begins to come across as like nothing has changed. That's the one part that I treasured about moving out. It's such a huge step to take, but when you're there - you realise that you're not the only one and that it isn't as bad as you thought it would be. You know how to stand up on your own two feet, so how hard can moving out really be?

"As life goes on, it is then when you realise that you have to move on with it."


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