10 Things I Wish I Knew about Blogging!

So before I even started my blog I knew that I wanted to make one. Makes sense doesn't it? What I'm trying to say is that before I made this page, I've always wanted to write a blog of my own. I wanted to talk about MY thoughts and not just have to agree to anyone else's out there.

Bearing this in mind;

I made this blog at like 2am in the morning because I actually thought of a URL for it and it was available to use. I remember just signing up and thinking "huh?" what do I do now? Slowly, but surely I started building up my page and finally I had something decent going. When I first created my blog, I didn't really think twice about it. No pre-planning or anything. I remember tweeting a while ago saying that I wanted to make one and I'm pretty sure I blinked and thus my page was created. To this day, I still feel bad messaging Chlo at 2am asking what to do as I was completely lost oh :(


Now I'm here to help anyone who is struggling like I did. So listen up!

1. Have a list of ideas ready beforehand!
This came as a great use to me. When you begin to design your blog, you start to have a train of thoughts collecting in your mind. WRITE THESE DOWN. This will help you so much in the future as you won't be struggling with ideas on what to post. I did this and I ended up writing like 20 titles of blog posts, which gave me a whole month of blog posts pre-prepared.

2. Take time in your blog layout!
This was a HUGE struggle for me as I just selected a default setting that blogger had and changed the colours on the theme to the colour scheme that I have now, as I thought that this would be a good colour scheme for my blog. I'm happy with the design (for now) as it's unique to me, but I advise you all to play around a lot and if you can get your blog looking like a professional made it for you, then you've done well.

3. Think of a great URL and Header!
As I have mentioned many times that my URL came to me in the middle of the night... this won't happen to everyone - just saying ;) Make ideas of what you want to call your blog! As my blog is all about my thoughts "A Little Bit of Tomi" fits perfectly with my overall genre. 'Just a Thought' connects with it well as my blog posts are all my own thoughts. Ask around for ideas or even try out a blog generator online as they come out with really good titles for the genre of your blog. Having your name is a good URL idea, I just thought my name was too short for that.

4. Have a well-thought opening blog post!
I thought that this is a good idea to summarise what your blog is going to be about and what it may include. You don't want to just call your blog anything and not narrow it down to what you aim to talk about. You can use this opening blog to just talk about yourself if you want too. Try and aim to create a strong post that will draw in readers to look forward to your future posts.

5. Have impacting titles for your posts!
This is one thing I work really hard on. It might not look like I spend time on my blog titles, but I really do. I always make sure that my titles stands out because if I put up something basic like "I Went Shopping!" not everyone is going to be interested in reading that post. Whereas if you titled it as "Where did all my Money go?!" I would want to read what that blog post is all about. See the difference a good title makes?

6. Upload frequently or make up a schedule!
Now this is one thing that I have changed numerous times. I find it so much easier uploading on a weekly schedule as my blog gives me constant ideas to talk about each week. I first started blogging Mon-Fri for a whole month until I realised that it got very hard to pre-write out five blog posts every week ahead of time so that I had them ready to publish on time. I then changed to twice a week, which I found a huge decrease when previously posting five days a week. Now I'm going to try out three days a week and see how that goes. All I can advise for this is if you can write a lot of blogs frequently than try and post 1-2 times a week as it will push up your page views, gains you more readers & grows your audience massively (including overseas). If you think you can't do this, then posting blogs whenever you can still works out well. One of my friends does this and this always leaves me excited to see what she plans on posting next.

7. Use personal photographs instead of images off the internet!
This is one thing that changes a mediocre blog from an amazing blog. USE YOUR OWN PICTURES. I know that some of my posts contain Google images, but this is because some of the posts that I've written about aren't about my own life. I always find it better to have my own pictures in my blog posts as it gives off a personal connection to your readers. It's useful for them as it shows whoever's reading that you know what you're talking about as you've experienced it before.

8. Promote your Blog on all your Social Medias!
By putting my blog on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat - you name it, it's on there - this has pushed up my pageviews to an ultimate high. I'm not saying that pageviews are everything. It's all about the amount of shares that you get. On Twitter, here and there I get retweets on a tweet that has my blog link associated with it. This allows people to see my blog and thus it gets shares and pageviews from people all over the world!

Sharing your blog on Facebook with all your family members really gets the ball rolling!

9. Follow other Bloggers that don't have the same content as you!
Try and branch out on whom you follow! I follow people who blog about Travel, Music, Fashion, Make-Up etc. This allows you to see what else is out there and what you can include in your own blog. For example, sometimes I feature undiscovered YouTubers on my blog as another way of branching out from just writing about my thoughts only. I don't think I'll ever go as far as doing make-up or beauty product reviews, but you never know what the future has in store! All I'm saying is look around and step out of the genre bubble that you've placed yourself in, instead of sticking to what you know.

10. Write about what YOU want too!
I cannot emphasise this enough. 
Do not look at other blogs and compare their posts to your own. You need to write about what you want and don't hesitate about what you want too say. Looking over other people's blog's makes you unrecognizable. Sometimes you need to stand out and be different. I made my blog all about my own thoughts and I haven't seen any blogs out there like mine. This makes me happy as I don't have to compare myself to anyone and because of this I can freely write about whatever I want to.

I hope that all of these tips are SUPER useful to someone out there, as when I first started blogging this would have been so handy to me. If I've helped anyone out in the slightest way then I know that this blogging life is the life for me!

"To Blog = To Share, To Connect & To Create & To Inspire."

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