Why Guys are Better Friends.

So I feel like I've spoken about this issue in my 'Boys. Boys. Boys' blog post but I just wanted to address the reason as to why I prefer my lads over my girls.

1. Guys don't start arguments with me.
This is one of the best things about having male friends. Never do I have to worry about falling out with my lads. If we disagree on something, within an hour we've already gone back to talking. I'm just assuming this though, I've never fallen out with any of my boys hehe.

2. They know what's best for me.
Boys give the best advice when I need it. It's precise and truthful. That's all I need. I don't need someone beating around the bush with their words.

3. They never get tired of telling me what I need to know.
Boys are brutally honest with me. They will never fail to tell me when I need to move on and when I need to stop being a little baby. They'll knock me down with the truth and will always make me realise what I'm doing wrong.

4. They ACTUALLY know how to keep a secret.
MY boys that I love and trust will never repeat whatever I tell them - NEVER and because of this I treasure them dearly. Most likely they'll be on my side and defend me at all times when needed.

5. They will talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
Boys will have any conversation they like with you. Whatever it is, they will talk about it regardless of what you say.

6. They don't judge how much I eat.
Now this one I love. I will eat like crazy in front of boys. It sounds stupid but I know they don't care how much food is going down my throat.

I think these are suitable reasons on why guys are great friends compared to girls. Agree or disagree it's your choice. In my eyes this is what I prefer and trust me you don't get judged as being a certain type of girl and if you do stand your ground. I'm happy with the girls in my life, but I do prefer my lads every once in a while.

"Yes I hang out with guys. Why? Because it's less drama."

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