Where does your loyalty lie?

Being loyal is something that everyone needs to have.

It's hard enough to find loyal friends period. Finding people that are actually willing to listen to what you have to say, who are interested in you, that are happy for you and who know you extremely well are the people you really need to keep within your life. In life, it is in school where we make the most amount of friends. A lot of the time people think that just because you are with them for a certain amount of years means that they will be loyal to you. NAH. I know so many people who I thought had my back, but best believe me they LEFT my life just like that. I find it so important for me to cut off people who aren't capable of being a good friend to me regardless.

Preserving relationships with people takes up a lot of time and energy and sometimes with certain people it just isn't worth it. My advice to people trying to cut off friends that don't fit into their lifestyle is to let them fade out. Don't just be straight with them and be like "bye Felicia" just like that (unless you're brutal then go for it I won't stand in your way). When it comes to fading people out just begin to slowly lose contact with them. If you always saw this person constantly, just stop making time to go out and chill with them.

*wow I feel like I'm giving out the worst advice EVER but trust me it makes so much sense*

All I'm saying is learn to not always be associated with that friend that doesn't have your back. If you know that this person isn't loyal to you then why are you making time within this so-called friendship. Invest that time and energy in people that make you happy and give back what you give to them. I advise you to keep your friendship standards high - otherwise you'll be associated with god-knows-who and everyone knows that reputation is everything. By lowering your standards when it comes to friendships, your own surroundings get affected followed by your emotional state of mind.

So even if you find loads of great friends, chances are that they will change, and so will you. I don't think that all friendships are meant to last forever - it's just that you need to find a friend who suits your current stage of life. Nevertheless this can mean one friend that has kept by your side all your life. So, don't fret you just need to keep looking :)

"Loyalty is rare... If you find it, keep it."


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