So I assume that you can already guess what this post is about by the title. I am going away for a 4-week work placement starting next week and because of this I will not have any time to blog as frequently as I do. The other reason why I'm not planning on publishing posts whilst away is because I plan to leave my laptop at home.


Crazy, yes I know.

 I take my laptop EVERYWHERE with me so this will be different. It's going to be weird to not even be able to draft a blog to publish for when I get back.

So just to make sure you are all aware that this blog will be very inactive for a while which kinda sucks but hey I gotta work and that's a priority of mine. Bearing this in mind, I did think about trying to write up loads of blogs in this week to have them ready to post for when I come back, but I just think that I need to come away from my blog for now in order to refresh my mind and be able to come up with better ideas. I don't know if I'll be missed but I know some people like reading my posts weekly so just hold out for a while! I'll be back sooner than you think!

"Sometimes a break from routine is the very thing you need."

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