Being Angry.

If you're a REALLY close friend of mine, you'll know that I am easily angered at ANYTHING that I don't agree with. I can't help it, but sometimes people just know how to push my buttons. I AM SICK & TIRED of being so easily angered. It's annoying and sometimes it just drains the life out of me.

I don't know exactly why I'm writing this post, as I can't sum up good ways to be slow to anger. This post just happens to allow me to let all my anger out on my keyboard. I just wanted a place to type what I feel and this is what this post is for.

You know that face that everyone makes when they've been pissed off? Yeah that's one of my many faces that I pull quite often haha. I can't help being like this as I said before. I don't know what it is. I may come across as really nice and warming, but I feel for people when they have crossed me the wrong way. Most people will get the silent treatment, whereas there is a selected few that will see me be vocal towards them. Any negative emotion that I receive through my body tends to express itself as anger. Sometimes it's sadness first, but I guarantee when that's over I become so angry and it's out of my control. I haven't really learnt how to express my anger in a non-destructive way. When I mean this, I'm not saying that I get into a fight or anything like that, but I tend to beat myself up a lot. Even doing all this and hoping that it would go after time... it doesn't and it still takes a lot of effort for me to understand why I'm so angry.

In my opinion, the best method for expressing my anger, for me, is to write. I remember being little and writing in my diary about my feelings for that day and it always made me feel better about myself. Nowadays I blog. I don't really blog about how I'm feeling, except for this post, but I just blog whatever is on my mind just to get it out there and out of my head. It doesn't take a genius to understand that most of the time that I'm angry at myself. Whenever someone has made me furious, usually at first I blame myself 95% of the time. I've always been like this as I always knew that whatever had happened, it is my fault and in some cases it isn't yet I still continue blame myself.

I think I'll end there as I feel like I got out what I wanted to say, but I don't really have a summary of how I can become being slow to anger. If anyone has the same issues as me feel free to advise myself  on how you cope with your anger. Sometimes it's good to listen to other people's opinions and who knows, maybe I'll keep calmer at situations that may occur in my future.

"For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind."

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