Who knows what a Date is?

Following on my from Relationships Post, going on dates are an important factor when being in a committed relationship.

Lately, this generation doesn't seem to understand the terms of going on physical date. In all honestly I think we've completed removed it from our systems.

Before, in the good old days, when a guy used to pick up a girl from her house he would arrive there at the correct time and simply knock on the door. This has now changed to strolling up to the house whenever and sending a text saying 'I'm outside'. This is 100% true because I've done it before - many times. Where has this laziness come from guys? I remember when you used to like someone you would pass a note in primary school saying 'do you like me yes or no?' and awaited their response. Now all of a sudden you can tell if someone likes you by placing certain emoji's on his or hers Instagram post or even sending cheeky snaps on snapchat.

Date Nights have now evolved from going out to eat in a 'fancy' restaurants to ordering in pizza and watching Netflix. Yes I know this sounds cliché and many people enjoy that - including me but where's the romance gone? It now seems like no one is actually DATING anymore. Everyone's either 'talking to someone' or is 'having a thing with this guy/girl'. No one is making an effort to actually begin to commit to a relationship. This makes no sense as most of us don't want to be alone? Think of it like this - a guy is 'talking' to this girl yet he won't take her out anywhere. Girl gets bored and starts snapchatting a potential bae. Now the original guy gets mad at her for this. Can you just see how wrong this situation is? Not only is he in the wrong but he's not bothering to include the real part in relationship and firm what he has with this girl. This isn't just aimed at guys, girls do exactly the same thing. If she's just 'talking' to a guy but has no plans of making a commitment with him, she has no right to be mad when he starts commenting 'FIRE' on another girl's Instagram picture.

All I want is real dates to come back to life again? It's not everyday chill at home, sometimes make the effort to take someone out and switch up the usual "Date Night" ideas. I hope this doesn't come out like a rant because it isn't, I just thought that we've lost the originally of dates and maybe 2015 is a good time for them to come back!

"Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air and go explore."

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