Who are my Inspirations?

To be inspired by someone, I think that they would need to do something so, so special in your eyes that you then think to yourself that you need to admire what they've done.

My Mum is my inspiration.

Cliché - yes, but it is very true.

I love my Mumma!
I've loved everything that she has done for me since I was a little girl. To call her an inspiration is such an incredible feeling. The reason why I call her my inspiration is quite obvious - well in my eyes it is. Throughout my life, I have been observing her ever since I've been born. When I was a young girl, it was so easy to be impressed by any small achievements that my Mum had conquered. Even at this age, I knew that I wanted to follow in her footsteps somehow. My Mum took special care to teach me skills, habits and ideas that I have now found very useful in my life. My Mum has always been satisfied with whatever I've done in my life and knowing that she felt that way towards me always made my heart warm. It really felt amazing knowing that she would support me in whatever decisions I made. In school, I knew that I wasn't one of the smartest girls in my class. I found it a struggle and my Mum knew that. This is when I realised that my forte was within the Creative Arts area. Telling my Mum that I wanted to study Art & Drama in school felt fantastic. What felt even better was the fact that she would come to my school plays to support me and since then I've always treasured those great memories forever.

Whilst reading all of this, I still have to mention that my Mum isn't my only inspiration. I've also been inspired by my brother, some of my close friends of mine and of course some celebrities. My brother made me believe in myself when it came to my studies and gave me that faith that I needed to tackle University. I'm so proud of how far he's come when it comes to his education. My brother has always been a higher achiever than me and I always tried to match up to his standards. Even though he has told me many times that it's not a competition, I've still tried to reach his targets even though we study two completely different things. In all honesty, I needed to get that small kick in the backside to realise that even though he gets higher grades in something that I don't study, my grades are good enough for my work and that I should be proud of all the effort that I put into my work.

When it comes to friends, a lot of friends have inspired me. I can't really pin-point names as usually anyone I talk to somehow inspires me in some way. I was inspired by two female friends of mine to start this blog as they both write their own and I kept up to date with their posts all the time. I can definitely say that it worked out in my favor as now I'M INSPIRING OTHERS. A friend of mine reached out to me the other day and told me that she began a blog of her own because she really liked how mine is. I was so shocked as soon as I heard this. I didn't think that my blog would be this successful. I've been getting some great feedback from friends & family and it just makes me smile. To know that I've inspired others makes my life, I wish I could put it into words on how it makes me feel but just imagine that it feels like a thousand hugs or money... £1000 would be great too haha!

All I want to say is, once someone inspires you, you will most likely inspire someone else and the list will go on and on. Inspiration can come from anywhere, whether being something small like a picture or something big like... well if you think of something big let me know please! :-)

"I want to inspire, and be inspired."


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