University Life: Part 2!

Here is the second half of 'University Life!'.

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I feel like I have mentioned what I study one too many times on my blog, but you know sometimes repetition is good haha! I don't really know how to start talking about my course so I'll just say that it's going extremely well. I assumed like any first year newbie that the transition to being a University student was going to be so hard, but in fact my course just feels like extra work to do in college. I wouldn't say that the modules and coursework was hard - it was simply challenging. Back in college I only had one Photography class whereas at Uni I have four classes for each module that we study. Now hearing this it sounds so complicated, but balancing each class and the workload wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be. Sure there was work to do for each class and there was multiple deadlines to meet, but I made sure I got on top of it all. In all honesty I don't think I wouldn't have had such an easy time without the help of my squad. I never thought I would meet a bunch of Photography pals that I could rely on but to also be great friends with. Unlucky for me, I knew no one from my college studying Photography in Uni and to find people that are just like me made my days just a little bit better to deal with!

George, Danny, Alex & Hannah this one's for you!


Apologies but my Uni nightlife isn't going to be such an intense segment in this post - uh oh. Let me just be honest with you all; I didn't go out a lot in my first year okay! This is only because I was too dedicated to my studies. C'mon guys it's not everyday party. Okay all jokes aside, for Semester A I didn't go out a lot because I was just getting too in depth with my course and I never really had the time to go out. I remember that I last went out at the end of October & then took a long break till the start of January - yikes. After that I went out a fair amount within Semester B but still remained calm with it all.


I don't know how many times I went out, but all I know is that it was a lot because I was coming to the end of my course & I still had a fair amount of student loan leftover! I think me going out a lot within the last semester was greatly timed as I didn't enjoy nights out as much within the other two semesters because I knew I had so much work to do the next day. Semester C was calm and I had no worries so of course I took advantage. I remember one week I went out from Mon - Weds and I was SHATTERED on Thursday morning. That's when I knew I hit my limit and I needed to have some rest. The 'nightclubs' at Uni are much better than what I have offered to me back at home. At Uni there are three places that I can go too - one is located within the university & the other two require a bus service to get there. Sounds expensive but the bus ticket comes included with your entrance ticket to the venue. All I can say about going out is to make sure you're responsible, go out with people that YOU want to be around and just keep aware of whatever things may happen throughout the night.


Yay Cheer! I've already given a brief overview of my cheerleading experience on my Cheerleading! page but I'm sure I can squeeze some more information on here. So yes, I am a cheerleader. It's kind of weird to say as it isn't a big sport over here in the UK but I'm happy that I can be apart of a squad as I've always wanted to do it when I was younger. Before becoming apart of the University I did look into what sports they included and this is where I found Cheer! So there's little ol' optimistic me so pumped to become apart of the team. I signed up to attend the training days and this is where I was informed of Tryouts. Unfortunately I didn't make the team and I was GUTTED. You know when you pin all your hopes on something & it doesn't work out the way you planned? Yeah that happened to me. Fortunate for me, one of my coursemates who made the team had told me a lot of people are quitting and that I should email the coach saying that I was keen and all that. So I did. That's how I became a reserve member and I was ecstatic that I was on the team. Sadly being a reserve doesn't guarantee going to competitions and I learnt that the hard way. So next season, watch out cause it's my time to show that I can be a great Flyer and to prove to myself that all this waiting on the sidelines was worth it.

So that's the end! I hope my stories were interesting to read about and gave you all an insight to being a University Student. Believe me when I say this but both of the posts were very hard to write and if I bored you then sorry not sorry! As this had to be summarised into two posts I'm sure I missed out a few things so if you have any questions leave them below!

"The best University is the University of Life!"


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