Todrick Hall = Quing Toddy!

Now usually I wouldn't write about a YouTuber in detail, but oh my goodness this guy is someone you REALLY need to know about.

Todrick Hall.

It all started with this video of his that I found titled 'Beyoncé End Of Time Target Flash Mob'. I'm sure I was having a Beyoncé day on YouTube and this video came up on the side bar. All it took was one click & now I'm hooked. In all honesty I didn't think I would be THIS hooked, but I just began to click on more of his videos and ended up watching at least 3/4 of them all in one night. It doesn't take a genius to guess that I subscribed to this man straight away. Todrick Hall is most famous for auditioning on the 9th season of American Idol, where he made it up to the semi-finals. Since the show, he moved onto Broadway and then finally began building up his popularity on YouTube.

*way to go Tomi, this sounds too factual*

Todrick is now going on tour this year & has greatly titled it 
The Toddlerz Ball'.

This is his second tour as he was on tour previously titled 'Twerk Du Soleil'. I was SO ready to buy tickets for this, but I had no one to go with and just the fact that he had ONLY TWO DATES in the UK made me sad that I missed it. I can't go to this tour this year due to work but that's okay cause I actually have a valid reason. The reason why I'm talking about Todrick is that he is one of my many inspirations. I like his videos because they are so different to the same typical content that you see on YouTube day-to-day. He's daring and that makes me want to be daring. He kind of adds to the reason of why I made a blog. To not only put myself out there but to also stand out from the crowd and embrace being different.

Check out all his Videos on his YouTube Channel below ⬇️

Here's a "few" of my favourite Videos!

Mickey Minaj | 4 Beyoncé | 90's Disney | Bridesmaids | Twerking in the Rain | Mean Boyz / Mean Gurlz | Virgin America Safety Video | The Wizard of Ahhhs | Beauty and the Beat / Beauty And The Beat Boots | Spell Block Tango / Cell Black Django

I don't mean to post a lot of links but honestly once you start watching his videos you can't physically stop. I didn't realise I was THIS much of a fan till I scrolled back through all his videos trying to find just some of my favourite ones for this post.

Todrick's Social Media:
Twitter Instagram / Facebook / Website

"I love performing more than anything else."

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