Obsessed with Employment?!

So this is a bit of a funny, yet serious post hehe :)

I have three jobs. Not one, but THREE!

Job 1: Student Ambassador at University.

Job 2: Bar Staff at multiple locations - Barcode Recruitment.

Job 3: Assistant Team Leader for National Citizenship Service (NCS).

Now how do I explain how I got these jobs? To be honest I don't even know how I did it? I applied for the role of a Student Ambassador due to a friend telling me that it's a great, flexible job located within the Uni and happens to work well with my timetable. To this day, the way they accepted me for the job still comes across as 'too easy' for my liking. All I had to do was to send in my CV to an email address that I was provided with and would you believe it the next day I got an email back saying that the job was mine! No interview or anything! I just received an email telling me to book in a date for training and to bring in the necessary documents for them to process me for work.

Now there's me thinking that this job was too easy, wait to you here about Barcode - oh my goodness. So once again another close friend of mine told me to apply for this job. I didn't really think much about juggling the two because with this job you get to select the events that you wanted to work at. I found out that V Festival & Reading Festival were recruiting within this company and because of these two festivals, I just knew I had to apply for the job! The process for Barcode was quite simple. I applied online and booked in for an interview at the closest location that I could get to which was Piccadilly Institute in Central London. I KID YOU NOT, this was one of the easiest interviews I have ever done. I even tweeted about that so you know that I'm being for real! It was a group interview that only lasted 5 minutes and all I was asked is what do I do - which is being a student if you didn't know. The guy even said to us 'go out and enjoy the sunshine' - that's how I knew this job was one that everyone got accepted into. Guess what? My theory was right because what happened the next day... well I got the job didn't I! ;)

Now NCS was a bit different compared to these two. I didn't even mean to sign up to this job I swear! I only signed up with a friend at our Summer Careers fair at Uni because I had heard about this company before. The guy at the stall, bless him, offered me an interview for next week and I signed down to attend. Now this is where forgetful Tomi comes out - oops. One day before the interview I got a phone-call saying 'Hi Tomi, don't forget your interview with NCS tomorrow... okay bye!'. There was more added to the conversation but that was the main gist of it. I had no idea that the week had passed THAT QUICKLY when I signed up for the job. So the next day arrived & I had to convince the interviewer that I was eager to have this job. Believe me I was, but little me did some research about the company 20 MINUTES before I left hehe ;). I was so close to not going because I had already told myself that I wouldn’t get it, as I was not prepared. Instead I decided to go for it and if it didn't go well at least I went. 30 minutes later I was done and they told me that I would hear back from them in a week. They must not know how long a week is because they called me the next day and offered me the job. To my surprise, I was overwhelmed & just appreciated God for blessing me with job number 3.

So that's the story of how I'm employed with three different companies! I still find this hilarious and I think it's great to laugh about it because for so long I struggled to find a job before Uni when I was back in college. I did end up getting employed at the end of my first year of college with a reasonable company & a well-paid salary. I ended up quitting that job after working there for one year due to me starting University & the fact that it took up too much of my free time! Clearly I was not happy about that. If you knew me from when I quit my job I was so happy to have so much time off before starting my degree but I was also upset at the fact that I got rid of a monthly income which I supported myself on. I was extremely terrified that I would never find a job as good as that again.

Well look at me now! I'M CRAZY. Yes I know three jobs will be quite difficult to manage but I know I can do it and I'm already more excited to work at these jobs then when I was at my last employment, so I guess that's saying something!

"Working hard is very important. You're not going to get anywhere without working extremely hard!"


  1. Awwww so so sooo happy for you girl! Reading this made me so excited for you! ♥

  2. You little busy buzzin bee

    1. Legit, blogging is really theraputic it loving it!