So lately I've been thinking of doing a YouTube series where I talk about YouTubers that aren't as famous as ZoellaFunForLouis or even TheFineBros. I feel like some of these people who I'll be writing about on my blog need some love & recognition. Plus who knows, hopefully, they'll find about my blog!

Meet The Patronnes.

Who are The Patronnes?

These girls are an inspirational trio that has conquered the YouTube world. By going through their videos, I can see that they are still fairly new to YouTube yet they seem to know exactly what they are doing! The girls consist of - Debbie, Adeola & Sola Patronne ;)

I only recently found out about The Patronnes through a friend at Uni who showed me one of their videos. It sounds cheesy to say that I was hooked after one video, but I'll be honest with you... it was 100% true. These girls don't just have a specific style of videos on their channel. It ranges from vlogs, beauty & hair advice or their main videos that everyone knows them by - topic videos. Can I just give them all an Amen to every video they've posted, please? I didn't think I would relate to their content so much but I see myself constantly waiting for them to release a new video.

Being the beautiful women that they are, these girls are still able to supply their subscribers with their own personal stories such their University Experience or one of their most popular videos about Sex, Lies & Broken Hearts. I really look up to each of these girls as they speak nothing but the truth and we all know that we need people like this in our lives. I remember talking about them to my mum the other day and the first video that I showed her was The Nigerian Tag ft Ropo as I am also Nigerian. I watched this video not too long ago and knowing my authentic African mum, I felt like I had to share this with her. I've never seen her get into a YouTube video so much before.

They have multiple platforms for their own social media accounts via Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram but instead, I've only listed their group accounts below. I'm sure you'll find them easily! ;)

The Patronnes Social Media:

"Be the best version of YOU on YouTube."

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