Making Friends via Twitter.

Now I'm sure you're reading this title and thinking huh? Who knew that creating a friendship with someone via Twitter would be a great idea?

*raises hand*

Being a fond user of this website, you tend to end up tweeting someone that shares the same interests as you. I made multiple friends from Twitter through a band that I used to support and not at all do I regret talking to these people, as they were strangers to me at first.

Now guys, when you first tell your mum that you're speaking to someone on Twitter either by talking on the phone or on Skype, best believe that you'll get a strong reaction to this news. I know that we are all brought up to never talk to strangers in public, let alone online, but we all knew that it was bound to happen to us. Obviously now my Mum is okay with all of this, but earlier on in my life she didn't understand why is was so easy for me to speak to someone online and to then give them my personal details once we had been speaking on Twitter for a reasonable amount of time.

Reading this back, I'm just thinking to myself wow I could have been talking to anyone, but I trusted the people that I gave my number to and I haven't really regretted it since. Sure there's girls out there that have my number who I don't speak to anymore, but that's life. I'm not going to be a rude person and tell them to delete me. I'm sure that they realise that we're not that close anymore and ended up getting rid of my number - I certainly have done that to a few people. That's the risks you have to take on when making friendships online. Of course I was terrified that I was going to be receiving creepy phonecalls each day or even finding out that I had a stalker or something, but luckily for me I was able to have avoided all those issues. I have made MANY friends via Twitter and for this post I had to narrow it down to 3 lovely ladies that I can freely talk about. Bearing this in mind, I am close with other people from Twitter, but I speak to each of these girls nearly ever day so I hope I'm not offending anyone oops!

*spoiler alert all 3 girls listed below know each other as we all knew the same band haha cheeky or what*


Lau. Now I've known this girl for almost 3 years and I have no idea where to start off with how great our friendship is. First I need to give her a shoutout cause she was the one to give me the idea to write this post so THANKS! :)

Our friendship is a story to be told. I remember one of our first conversations on twitter was about going to Prom. This is how you know we've come far within our friendship considering my prom was over 3 years ago - wow. I can't put into detail how quickly we got each other's number and all that but before I knew it we were texting constantly! I bet she's gonna have a right go at me for saying this but I hated the day we first met hehe. It was at a train station and she was heading to a gig that I never bought tickets for so clearly I wasn't getting in. I travelled all the way into Central London for her and yes it was worth it but it didn't work out the way we had planned it to go. Don't get me wrong we're great friends, in fact I don't think we've ever spoke about that day since. After our first interaction, we did start seeing each other here and there when we could and we'd always have the best time together.

Oh did I forget to mention that she lives in NEWCASTLE?

Yeah hence why we're lucky enough to see each other once a year or more. I'm so grateful to have her in my life. I am the older one out of us two, but that doesn't even affect our relationship. No clue why I had to let you all know that, but it's out there haha. I remember when she started sending me birthday cards in the post and I did the same with her also. Cute things like that have now became a small tradition of ours. I mean the girl got me a camera charm from Pandora as she knows that I LOVE Photography. It's the little things like that make me treasure what we have. This girl has even slept over at my house so you know that's a strong friendship right there. I'm not planning on writing everything about our friendship on here as it's OUR friendship for us to treasure, but what I'm trying to get at is that I gained something so special by just tweeting a random girl and allowed the universe to do it's thing.

Hey Lau, remember Billy Elliot?

To this day I am FOREVER grateful that you took me to see it in the theatres and allowed me to stay with you overnight in London. Who can say that their bestfriend did that for them just because. It wasn't my birthday or anything she just wanted me to go with her, meet her family and covered all the costs. Still melts my heart everyday. I know she reads my blog and I read hers so I hope ya like this lil segment about you chum!

(p.s she did text me TIME AGO to write about her so I can finally check that off my list hehe).

How cute are we?


Chlo. Oh my goodness do I love this girl or what.
She is so cute and that fact that she is smaller than me makes me feel like a giant considering that I am only 5"2 hehe. All jokes aside, she has grown up so much since the first time we spoke/met. I love being able to text her about anything and I know that she can come to me for anything also. This girl was so humble and quiet when I first met her and now she's such a wonderful, outgoing person. We first met trying to find each other at Waterloo Station and we still talk about what a laugh that was to this day! I love that I met Chloe as she is basically like me aka my white twin. We have this bad habit of buying the same items of clothing WITHOUT TELLING EACH OTHER BY THE WAY. I cannot tell you what things we have the same as it is quite a lot of stuff - oops. One day we planned to meet up in London with friends wearing exactly the same outfit and hand on heart - we actually did it.

I'm still shocked to say that after we first met, JUST UNDER 2 YEARS went past without us seeing each other again. Did this stop our friendship? HECK NO. We still kept in contact and just waited for the day to come to reconnect in person once again. I feel as I am an older sister to this little one and yet I'm the one asking her all the questions! I started this blog in the early hours of the morning aka 2am-ish and she was the first person I went too. No one knows this but mainly everyone else I wanted help from was sleeping, but it was Chlo who messaged me back straight away. Of course she is a big inspiration when it came to creating my blog as I'm a big fan of her blog. The fact that she does YouTube now is insane as she has grown so much confidence; it's amazing to see her blossom. Proud is such an understatement for when I look at her. I feel all sentimental now aww - look what you do to me hehe.

I'm happy with how our friendship is and I wouldn't want to change it for the world. Plus she has magic hair so I mean how cool is to have a friend with magic hair?


Han. First let me just apologise for defacing your beautiful pictures. You see, Han & I haven't met yet so this is the best that I could do because I had to show how pretty she is guys - am I right or am I right? I love Han. Everything about this girl is pure goals. I feel like I haven't got much to say about her as we haven't met in real life yet, but I know I will have the best memories when the right day comes. To this day, I am still gutted that I missed Han being in London last year. I wasn't aware that she came down until I saw a picture of her in London which was posted on Twitter - typical hehe. As it was a spur of the moment decision for her to come down to London it probably wouldn't have been as easy for me to jump on the train into Central as I was still attending lectures at Uni. I feel like everything I want to say about Han is only things that I've seen on twitter. It's so hard to talk about someone when you've never met them before. I didn't think I'd find it a struggle oh. I recall one time when I was in London with Laurah and she called Han and passed the phone to me. Guys do you believe me when I say that I just looked at the phone and froze. I'd never had a phonecall with her before and I had no response. Couldn't even say hi - what?! Oh I'm such a fool lol. I hope that when we finally meet I won't freeze in person, but instead we'll end up having a really good time and take so many pictures cause these drawings are a shamble haha!

I'm not aiming to encourage people to make friends via Twitter, please get that right guys. I just wanted to show you all my personal experiences with it and explain how well it worked out for me. You never know, your best friend could be out there in cyberspace than in real life! ;-)

"Finding friends is easy, keeping them is the hard part."

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