Define: Social Media.

Social Media.
This can be defined in anyway possible. Everyone uses it; it's too hard not too.

It's hard enough to block yourself from social media when it is everywhere and super easy to access.

The main social media websites used today are:
 Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat

Apart from these four, there are many more different media platforms that can be accessed by anyone. I'm a big user of these four social networks. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed, but as soon as I wake up, I check Twitter like it's the morning paper. It's funny to read that back to myself and realise that I am swallowed up by a pointless website everyday. It's not healthy - everyone knows that. But unfortunately it's not easy to remove it from our lives. Social Media will always be there.

I bet that if you're reading this, you struggle with this also. I don't usually track how many times I go on social media each day, considering I know it'll be too much to look at. I'm just assuming that you also feel like it's a huge waste of time. Regardless we know that sometimes it's not useful, yet we do nothing to change this.

We don't constantly check these platforms just for fun. We do this because this is our way of seeing what else is happening in the world or what activities our friends & family have gotten up too. When we visit these sites, we satisfy our needs to show our connection with others. This gives us comfort and fulfills our minds to let us know that we are not alone. We also tend to use what's going on in other people's lives to create context and meaning for what's going on in our own lives. This is known as Social Comparison.

To be 100% honest with you all, ever since I started up my blog and shared it with the Twitter & Facebook world, I now check both platforms more frequently. It gives me small comfort to know that what I'm saying on here matters; that I've had a positive impact on those who read my posts.

Type What I'm Thinking To Everyone Reading.
This website is just a small platform for me to write whatever I want. I didn't think I would use it much as it was nothing special. 4+ years later and here I am still updating my followers about my life. It's not something I'm proud of but then again I've been using it for this long now so why shall I stop?

I'm slyly embarrassed that I still use this because it's not really beneficial in my eyes. The reason I'm still on Facebook is for friends & family reasons only. Certain friends of mine do not own a twitter account - clearly missing out - and the way I can stay in contact with them is through Facebook. In regards to family, I keep in touch with family members on there also. It's a good way of connecting with them, plus I couldn't imagine having to tweet my aunt or uncle - weird right?

Instagram is one of my favourite social apps on my phone. I don't know why it is, but I LOVE it. Maybe it's because I study photography but I just like the fact that I can Instagram certain images and make them look good on this app instead of just simply posting it on Twitter/Facebook. Some say that Insta is every hipsters favourite way to make it look like they're taking amazing pictures when really they're just using their camera feature on their phones.

YASSSS SNAPCHAT. This is another one of my favourite apps to use. I'm not even ashamed in admitting this. I adore snapchat, even though it is quite pointless, it's a fun app to use. The purpose of it is to have picture conversations with friends, but now with the chat feature it's like texting but with pictures as the main feature. I like to abuse the 'my story' feature as I just have to let everyone know what work I'm doing or make them watch me lip-sync to one of my favourite songs. It's such a bad obsession but it grows stronger and stronger each day - oops.

Social Media is something that changes everyday and we choose to become one with it. I don't regret using it, but I do miss the days when it wasn't as popular as it is now.

"When I was younger, social media was called 'outside'."


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