Define: Relationships.

Relationships are tough.

People tend to forget that it takes TWO to make or break a relationship. Sometimes it's one depending if the other half did something worth destroying what they had with that special someone. I'm not here to write about the struggles of keeping a relationship. I want to talk about relationships in general and how people benefit from being in them.

The secret to having a happy relationship is honesty, trust & being open-hearted with each other. That's MY opinion. You can't be with someone and be constantly lying to them or lying to yourself that things are going to change when they aren't. If you know something isn't right or you aren't feeling the way that you should be feeling when you're with them then SWITCH UP. I cannot stress that last sentence enough. I dislike seeing people fight over their boyfriend/girlfriend when they are either constantly arguing. When couples don't trust each other, you know there's an issue within the relationship. How can you stand to be with someone knowing that you feel nothing but hurt & confusion all the time? I personally couldn't do it. Trusting anyone is a hard thing to do but to trust your partner takes a lot of courage. Being open-hearted is a BIG challenge to overcome. What does 'being-open hearted' mean anyway? To me I think it means putting down that high wall that you have built up over your heart. This is mainly aimed at us girls cause we are a) terrified of rejection & b) too strong to let anyone in - at first. Opening up your heart to someone is one of the best feelings that you can ever have. When you get that sweet confirmation that they want to be with you, you have definitely touched cloud 9.

Girls, don't assume that the first guy you meet is 100% boyfriend material or the second one or even the third. Don't become too attached and slowly begin to watch yourself crumble as he continues to toy with your mind. Stay guarded at first and once they want to approach that barrier to be let in - Let. Them. In. You have to remember that boys take a bit longer to realise that we have deeper feelings then they do. Make sure you're clear on where you stand with him and don't just assume that he'll come around eventually if you keep hinting your feelings for him.

I didn't mean to direct this post towards girls, but I am a girl and this is my point of view. To all the lads out there, I hope this gives you a small insight to most girls minds. I'm not assuming that you'll take down everything that I've said and go secure a wife just like that. I just want you to read how we approach relationships and just hope that you guys can see why we get so emotional so easily. Plus if you could just raise your emotions up by like one point, this would be gladly appreciated!

"A good relationship is worth the wait. It's not just about finding the right person, it's also about being the right person."

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